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Commercials are a part and parcel of modern world. Launching a product without advertisement is just like winking at a girl in dark. Advertisement is the biggest dagger you can drive into a man’s soul. Commercials are supposed to be insightful , impactful , provocative and connective. However the magic of words and visuals make them deceptive at times. Commercials these days have emerged out as a business where various ad-agencies like Lintas and Mudra have emerged out as big firms in a developing nation like India. Advertisement business has become a hub of people with creative ideas and those who are able to actually film their visualization along with great convincing power. Advertisement is a game between the company and the target audience. Here is the list of 10 such Best and Most Innovative Advertisements that have attracted the Indian Audience in huge numbers and helped the brand product sell.

10.Vodafone ZoZo

Though these scrawny bigheaded creatures appear animated, Zoozoos are actually ballet dancers dressed in white outfits while their facial expressions are black stickers . Vodafone Zoozoo’s were launched during the IPL season by Oglivy & Mather, India have given a new turn to indian advertisement. every kid love to watch these differently posed creatures and love to watch them do various activities.

9.Happy Dent White

A simple chewing gum would normally feature the “refreshing breath” or “white teeth” and portray two people attracted to each other for the same. Sighs. How boring and repetitive! Happy Dent came out with it’s out-of-the-box Kingdom of Lights campaign featuring Happy Dent White’s smile powers Indian city lights! this is a very innovative idea which had brought a new trend of comic appeal in indian commercials.

8. Mirinda Bride

Most of the ads featuring Asin as a bride are hilarious. Be it the Fairever campaign on “If girls become so beautiful, guys have to do all this to impress” featuring a prospective groom singing and dancing to impress the girl and her family or be it an an advertisement featuring Asin as a  charming happy girl who brings over the roadside romeos to her home to have a bottle of mirinda and then actually teach them a lesson.

7. Airtel

Airtel’s campaign on “Barriers break when people talk” is beautifully portrayed featuring two children from different countries crossing the barbed boundary lines to play together.this advertisement gives you a soothing sense to watch those innocent kids unaware of the rest of the world and busy in their own small world.


“yeh fevicol ka mazboot jor hai ,ache se acha na tod paye “bacame a punch kine which rocked the world of advertisement.people were seen tryin to break an object fixed with fevicol with the help of an elephant or a bunch of young lads trying to pull it with a rope. But the object was so well fixed that it resisted all the stress. people started using the punch line as a notion to represent their relationships also , which could not be broken away by any means.

5. Kurkure

crispy crunchy indian snack , kurkure , using a special punch lile “tedha hai par mera hai ” and usin celebrity appel with beautiful dynamic and charming juhi chawla , brought a bombardment of the message to the target audience.the comic punch in the advertisement were powerfull enough to convince the audience for purchase.

4. Cadbury Chocolate

Giving a sweet note to the chocolate and blending it with various festive moods including Rakhi or Diwali , has not only helped the company to reach good sales but has also made its unique acknowledgement in the advertising world.the recent advertisement featuring Surveen Chawla as a sweet sister asking for a rakhi gift is a very sweet gesture which carries away the audience to a brother sister liason and actuallyconvince the audience to have something sweet “kuch meetha ho jaye ” “hari sadu”

An exploited employee by a henpecked and an irritating boss , whom he expands as ” hitler , arrogant , rascal and shameless ” is a perfect blend of comic appeal and a strong impetus to convince the audience about the presence of an internet website to give an opportunity to those who are unemployed to know about new openings.

3. Tata Tea

breaking the rules of common comic or celebrity advertisement tata tea used patriotic appeal with a punch line of “jago india” by inspiring all the tea lovers to mix all the ” hari , choti-badi pattian ” to make a wholesome cup of tea as well a s giving a meaning to national progress by featuring a young indian by inspiring others to launch an anti corruption campaign against the corrupt policies in india.


Maggie advertisement in which audience is asked to give its own experiences of sharing “Meri Maggie ” gives a sense of belongingness to to the target audience.tribal children with a bowl of maggie in their hands is a very innovative idea to present an omnipresent taste.

1.Hutch Pug

Although the company emerged out as vodafone but the cute dog and a little young and naughty boy with bkue t-shirt leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of the viewers. it is not only appreciated by the dog lovers but also by those who had an indifferent attitude towards dogs.the advertisement with a punch line of ” wherever you go your network follows” is probably the best advertisement of indian advertising world.


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