Top 10 Most Famous Rock Bands of all time

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p>Rock bands are difficult to classify and choosing 10 best out of them is far more difficult. Being a good rock artist takes a lot of time. Rock bands allows up to 4 players to simulate the performance of rock music. The instruments include lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard . The top 10 rock bands are the following  :

10. Bob Marley and The Wailers

This band was formed in 1974 and its artists include Peter Tosh , Bunny Wailer , Carlton and Aston Barnett  who plays bass guitar and the main lead singer Bob Marley.Some of the songs of Wailers were Lee “”Scratch”Perry, Simmer down, Trenchdown Rock, Nice time, War, Stir it up and Get up stand up. Bob Marley and the Wailers have gained the success from 1970s and 1980s. Bunny Wailer is the only  one who is alive today.


U2 was the band which belonged to Dublin,Ireland . It”s members include Bono who is the lead singer, Edge who plays guitar and vocals ,Adam Clayton who plays bass guitar and Larry Mullen who plays drums. Its famous song through which they made a record was All That You Cant Leave Behind. They have won many Grammy Awards as well . Rolling Stone made them the top band . They turned the whole revolution.

8. Metallica

Metallica is a heavy metal band from Los Angeles California . It is an American band. Its members include James Hetfield , Laris Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo. This band was formed in 1981 . Laris Ulrich is the drummer , Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist and Robert Trujillo is the bassist. They had a lot of success all over the world . It s famous album was Master of puppets and this band has also won nine grammy casino online awards.


Eagles is a band from Los Angeles California . This band was formed in the early 1970s. Its members include Bernie Leadon ,Dillard and Clark, Gene Clark ,Gram Parsons ,Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke . It was the most popular band Unsere Seite beinhaltet die aufregendsten und am meisten gespielten kostenlosen Online Spielautomaten , die dich bei Laune halten kasino t muistuttavat paljon toisiaan, joten sopivan pelipaikan valitseminen voi olla vaikeaa. und begeistern werden. with six albums . Hotel California and the Eagles were the two albums which were the greatest hits in 1975. This band was into the Hall of fame in star Casino . 1998 .


Queen was an English rock band formed in London in 1970 . Its artists include Freddie Mercury , Brian May , John Deacon , Roger Taylor . Freddie Mercury was the lead vocalist , Brian atoledo May the guitarist, John Deacon was on the bass and Roger Taylor on the drums . In 1985 they performed the best live performance . In 1970s they got the success with its two albums Queen Queen II.

5. Van Helan

Van Halen was formed in Pasadena California in 1972 . It was a hard rock band . It got its success with the album Van Helan in 1978. It is the 19th best selling band in america . It has sold over 80 million albums worldwide. Its members include David Lee Roth , Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony. This band was into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 2007.

4. The Jimi Hendrix Gambling Experience

This band was formed in London in 1966. Its members include Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding , Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox. Jimi Hendrix was the main singer and guitarist, Noel Redding was the vocalist and the bassist, Mitch Mitchell was on the drums and Billy Cox was also the bassist. They released three successful albums before Noel Redding left the band in 1969.

3. Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd was the band formed in London in 1965. It became the most popular band  at the end of 1960s . Its members include Sid Barett and David Gilmour . The band was led by Sid Barett but due to his behaviour he was replaced by David Gilmour who was the singer and the guitarist. Pink Floyd is known for the space rock music . It has sold more than two hundred million albums worldwide .

2. The Beatles

The Beatles was formed in Liverpool England in 1960. Its members include John Lennon , Paul McCartney, George Harisson and Ringo Starr. John Lennon was on the rhythm guitar , Paul McCartney on the bass guitar, George Harisson on the lead guitar and Ringo Starr on the drums . This band became a leader in the world of clothing . Rolling Stone magazine ranked the Beatles as number one in 2004. It has sold more than one million records and has become the most popular in music .

1. Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin was the band formed in 1968. Its members include Jimmy Page , Robert Plant , John Paul Jones and John Bonham. Jimmy Page was on guitar, Robert Plant on vocals , John Paul Jones was on bass guitar and keyboard and John Bonham was on the drums . This band is known for the heavy metal sound and is the first heavy metal band . This band got a commercial success. It has sold over 200 million albums and Rolling Stone magazine has made Led Zeppelin as the Heaviest band of all time .


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