Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings Sold in the World

Art is the nature and it is the best way of discovering yourself. The world has seen the rise and fall of many painters, artist, sculptor and architectures and most of their creations made a great impact to the generation. In fact painting is the innermost creation and the total creativeness that a artist can put in for the total way. The paintings which have been chosen and reviewed are the most expensive ones not only in terms of their creativeness but also from the view of the price they have been allocated in sale. For the following section of write up, It has been reviewed up for the most expensive paintings of all time. The list is continued as :-

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The list has been made on the basis of information collected from Wikipedia. It can be taken as a source of information.

1.) The Card Players

Sold under Private sale in 2011.

Sold by : George Embiricos

Bought by : Royal Family of Qatar


It was sold at a huge and mammoth auction price of $250 million making it the most expensive painting of the world. One of the best and most probably the last version of Paul Cezanne is still in private hands and not for display. One of the most famous and masterpiece antique possession.


2.) Number 5 -1948

Sold under Private sale in 2006

Sold by : David Geffen

Bought by : ——- (Unknown)


The most famous painting from Jackson Pollock. One of the most stunning and magnificent drip by Pollock was auctioned in 2006 at a price of $140 million. Although, the price and the buyer was never confirmed but it is rumored to be sold at a price of $140 million, which crossed $ 159 million and  adjustments making it the 2nd most expensive painting of the world. A true art depiction and a valuable contemporary work.


3.) Woman III

Sold under Private sale in 2006.

Sold by : David Geffen

Bought by : Steven Cohen


It was another the most expensive paintings sold by David Geffen under private sale of 2006 after Number5-1948 and bought by Steven Cohen at a price of $137.5 million making it the 3rd most expensive paintings of the world. It was later adjusted with a price of $156.5 million. It was made by WIllem De Kooning. It was a painting of a lady and to most of the artist, was a true goddess. In fact, this painting is in the list of the best masterworks of all time as well.


4.) Adeler Bloch Bauer -I

Sold under Private sale in 2006.

Sold by : Maria Altmann

Bought by : Ronald Lauder


It was the magnificent and antique piece from sale of 2006 private sell, and most probably the 4th most expensive from the sell. It was sold at an auction price of $135 million and later on adjusted with $152.6 million. This painting had some historic importance as well when Nazis confiscated it while in world war II. It was then on recovered and placed in Gallery of Austria, 1948.


5.) Portrait of Dr. Gachet

Sold in year 1990

Sold by : Siegfried Kramarsky Family

Bought by : Ryoei Saito


One of the most influential painting by Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh. Although, the painting was sold at a price of auction rate $82.5 million but was later on compromised with $146.5 million after adjustment.



6.) Bal du moulin de la Galette

Sold Under sale of 1990

Sold by : Betsey Whitney

Bought by : Ryoei Saito


Another painting bought by Ryoei Saito in that 1990 sale which was made an auction rate of $78.1 million but adjusted with $138.7 million. It is the creation of famous artist Pierre Auguste Renoir. One of the most celebrated and impressing art.


7.) Garcon a La Pipe 

Sold under sale of 2004 in Sotheby’s New York Auction House

Sold by : Whitney family (Green tree Foundation)

Bought by : Barilla Group


The famous smoker from the credits of Picasso was sold at a price of $104.2 million but later on got adjusted with $126.4 million. This painting had broken the auction rate of $100 million for the first time in the history. It was bought by Italian Pasta Magnate Barilla Group.


8.) The Scream

Sold Under Latest auction in Sotheby’s Auction House

Sold by : Petter Olsen

Bought by : Leon Black


One of the most iconic painting from Edvard Munch was sold at a price of $119.9 million and it is the most possessed possession of artist which is in private hands yet.


9.) Nude, Green Leaves and Bust

Sold under Christie’s New York Auction House sale of 2010

Sold by : Frances Lasker brody

Bought by : —— (Unknown )


One of the sexiest and sensual creation of Picasso is in the list of most expensive paintings. It was sold at a price of 106.5 million dollar which was later adjusted with a handsome increment and the total price reached to $112.0 million. The buyer is still unknown.


10.) Portrait of Joseph Roulin

Sold under private sale of fine art, Zurich in 1989

Sold by : —— (Privately)

Bought by : New York Museum



Another masterpiece creation from Dutch Artist Vincent Von Gogh is Portrait of Joseph Roulin which was stated to be sold at a price of $58 million which was only rumored and the actual price was compromised with $108 million. This is the 10th most expensive painting till date.



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