Top 10 Most Amazing Fountains in the World

Each and everything created in this world has its story; everything we see in this world had a starting point, the point at which that thing, that creature, that myth or that tradition came into being. Like everything else in this world, fountains too have a story of their own to tell. There can be always to possible explanation for every occurring; one revolves around the logic and the other one is created out of a myth, but myth too are created out of something that actually happened in the past.

The myth related to the fountains is Greek in origin, that once upon a time a man was killed accidentally by the Goddess Artemis; the man’s mother who was weeping at her son’s death was metamorphosed into a spring which today is known as the Fountain of Peirene in Greece. The fountains which were made in the ancient time always had the images of God, Goddess or any mythical creature printed or carved on them; they were always considered as a pious and sacred place, the fountains were believed to have miraculous healing abilities and were known as a place where all your wishes could come true and all of your agony could be healed.

Now if we conclude the logical explanation of the fountains, we have a long history to follow; fountains are found to have existed since the Greeks have but the first clue of their existence was received from the pictures obtained from the ancient Egyptians, it is believed that the fountains were once a part of Egyptian Culture. But it is also believed that the fountains were first the charm of the Middle East which were later adopted by the Persians then Romans followed by Europe and then by U.S.

The fountains were once a long time ago a source of watering plants and animals but today their sole purpose is to enhance the pulchritude and exquisiteness of a place. Over the past centuries many magnificent and refined fountains have been constructed, but the top ten Fountains in the world are:


King Fahd’s fountain was built in the 1980’s and is also acknowledged as the Jeddah Fountain. This fountain is renowned worldwide due its ability to spit the water at the highest altitude in the world which is 1023 feet; this fountain has been admitted in the Guinness Book of world records as the highest fountain. The fountain was a gift to the city by the late King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz. This fountain is visible throughout the city because of its high altitude; this fountain can distribute 626 liters of water per second and has 500 spotlights which support the show.


These fountains are the ornament of the palace of Versailles in France; the fountains placed at the garden of the Palace are more than 30 in number. These are the musical fountains and among them the Apollo and Neptune are central jewel. These fountains were constructed in the region of the King Louis XIV during the 17th century. Each of the fountains represent as different creature, god or goddess.


This is not a simple fountain but also a musical fountain; it emits really pleasant music along with the water. This is among the ancient fountains of the world; being constructed in 625 A.D, this fountain has a really fine historical value as well as it serves as a holy place. This fountain is situated in china, Xian City and is among the most famous fountains in Asia.


This fountain comprises of a pond which is built of red granite over a surface area four thousand sq/m.  It consists of sixteen sculpts (female), all of them wearing the national attire of the Soviet Republic. This fountain is the representation of friendship and unity; as it represents all the different countries standing besides each other in the same place. The fountain can split 12 hundred liters water financed by eight pumps.


This fountain was constructed in the year 1929 by a designer named Carles Buigas, for an international display (exhibition). This fountain is bestowed with the splendid combination of water show and light along with music. The fountain is ravishing, the chemistry between all three; the light, music and water is what attracts the visitors from all over the world, the most enchanting picture of the fountain can be witnessed at night because the main pleasure of watching the fountain is with the co-ordination of the lights.


This fountain was built in the early eighteenth century; the architecture of this fountain is absolutely unique as it requires no pump to discharge the water flow, the water is equipped by a gravity-fed water system. Peterhof has over 150 fountains and 4 Cascades which are known as “capital of fountains”. Peterhof is built on the shore of the Baltic Sea in st Petersburg and is regarded as one of the most enticing fountains of the world.


Fontana dell’Ovato, also known as the Oval fountain is situated in the garden at the Villa d’Este in Italy, which has become a UNESCO world Heritage few years ago in the year 2001. The domain was designed by Italian painter, architect, garden designer and archaeologist named Pirro Ligorio. The venue serves as a perfect romantic place for the lovers and is in possession of a rustic Nymphaeum. The architecture of this villa is absolutely magnificent and ravishing.


This is the biggest fountain of the world which was built in the year 1995. As the country Singapore has 4 different religions, this fountain acts as a symbol of unity of its citizens. The architecture of the fountain is very unique in design, it consist of a ring whose circumference is 66m and is constructed of bronze. The fountains exist underground in the most renowned shopping mall of the city


One of the most prominent and principal apprehension for esteem of this fountain is because this place is also used as a venue to propose (for marriage) among the couple; many marriage ceremonies have taken place near his fountain but the ceremonies are the quick one. This fountain serves as a perfect romantic destination for the lovers. The Bellagio fountain has also been seen in many TV shows and movies. It is situated in the city of gambling, the Las Vegas city.


This fountain is legendary; the legend says that if you toss a coin into the Fountain, you will recoil to Rome. This is one of the most ancient and mesmerizing fountains of the world; the fountain comprises of the sculptures of Neptune in the centre and 2 tritons, the fountains’ altitude is 85 feet. The Trevi fountain was enthroned with the spotlights after the fountain was seen in the movie “La Dolce Vita”.

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