Top 10 Most Adventurous Sports in the World

There are two ways to live your life; either live it a quite way or a rampant way, either be the sweet decent person or be the ferocious dare-devil, either go for walks at parks in the evening or go for adventure at night. Your life, your rules and your choice.

People who say that our life is at stake when we do something formidable are wrong because our life is at stake every minute; from cradle to coffin, the death follows us. One day death will surely capture us in its embrace then why play this game of hide and seek. Sooner or later we will lose the game of life then why not play it with full spirit.  Death will one day find us then why not look into the eyes of death and stare until the death is forced to look away. Why let the death find us, we should be the one to welcome death warmly. The choice is yours; either die once or die thousands of times.

It’s a different thing to always do the safe stuff, everyone can do secure stuff but to stand in front of a bull wearing a red shirt; you need to have a lot of courage for that. All those people out there who love to stand on the cliff of a mountain without any safety belt attached to their waists; there is a list of top 10 most adventurous sports in the world:


Rafting is listed as a dangerous sport; it is an avocation outdoor animation. It is done with the assistance of an inflatable raft; all the people participating are to be seated on the raft which is disposed to the wildly flowing river. You have to navigate the raft; it’s your little ship and you are the captain. The river water is usually ridged, to make the sport exciting. The game becomes more enticing when you have other rafts in the river for competition.  Although the activity is not safe and sound, but it is highly adventurous and is a very famous sport.


It is one of the oldest sports, hot air balloon were invented in the 18th century and this sport has been going on since then. Hot air balloons work on the principle of heat. A small capsule is attached to the balloon which for the passengers; the capsule is more like you balcony from where you enjoy the view, you can control the altitude and direction by adjusting the flame. It is not dangerous but still it is very exciting. It’s like watching the balloon going up in the sky but this time you move along with the balloon.


Hunting refers to shooting the animal. There are two kinds; one is shooting the birds, second is shooting the animals which much more intoxicating. The real fun is shooting in the jungle. This activity is found in abundance among men. This sport has been declared illegal in many countries; killing innocent animal is a crime after all but still many men prefer this sport above all others. Remember maybe it is you who is going in the jungle to shoot the animal but you can also become the victim, the animal is a wild animal after all.


This sport is also known as alpine Skiing. This sport is a bit similar to snow skating but in here you have real mountains instead of flat ground. It is basically a Race whose starting point is at the peak of the mountain; the racers need to be practically trained as it requires a lot of skills like moving in curves and jumping etc. Also the speed limit is very high plus there is a lot of danger involved as any accident can cause death or serious injury. The participants are well aware of the risk involved yet they choose to participate at their own risks.


Hiking as listed as an outdoor activity, it is mainly walking up on the mountains or hills. It is not dangerous but it takes a lot of struggle. The only risk involved in it is of getting lost, for that the hikers keep the pocket compass with them so they can easily navigate the direction. During the course hiking you have to pass through some rocks or heavy bushes; the path is inclined and rough. Hiking usually involves camping too because the whole day is spent in reaching the destination.


Base jumping is very simple sport, it’s all about jumping. Jump from the building, a tower or a mountain but with a parachute of course; when you are about to land on the ground you open the parachute. This is a rare hobby. Many humans have this really crazy aim of jumping from every tall building you see; this kind of activity is real fun.


Surfing is a worldwide known sport; it is done on the beaches and oceans. A surfer is to give the demonstration of his skills with the help of a surfing board in the sea. A surfing board is 3-4 meters board which floats in the water and it is connected to a sail. Surfing is all about balance. There is not much risk involved still it is a very enticing sport, but if you upset the sea you are left at the mercy of your surfing board.


There are special kinds of vehicles for automobile racing known as the sports car. They are designed especially for races. These kinds of races are done on the National or International level but there are many races done on the local level as well. This sport is found in abundance among the youths. The accidents done during car racing can be highly formidable.


Motorcycle racing or motorbike racing is a worldwide known sport. This activity is all about Speed, balance and focus; you lose your focus and you are off track. There are different categories of bike racing; it involves hill climbs, drag racing or time trial. This is among the most dangerous sports of the world and it is highly risky as the bikers ride at a breakneck speed. Bike racing is done on local as well as international level and the history has seen many merciless deaths.


Fighting a bull is the craziest thing to do, a person with a gallant heart or a really stupid mind will only agree to this. Once you enter the ground, it’s a do or dies situation. The bulls are most meat head animal on this globe, yet thousands of people indulge in this sport. There are countries who arrange bull fights on national level and thousands or people gather to actually see such a fight between a man and a bull. The man is trained but still, it is the man who has been trained; the bull is still a bull, the same dumb bull. There are 90% chances of injuries involved but despite all the risk involve, people love this game.


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