Top 10 Marvel Characters Ever Created

When it comes to superheroes and super villains, nothing could top the characters created by Marvel. In fact, movie goers are now excited to see movies about Marvel characters and their lives. No wonder Marvel movies are a hit! So let’s check out the top 10 Marvel characters ever created.


Thor is one of the greatest Marvel characters ever created. He is said to be the God of thunder making him one of the most powerful plus his magical hammer! He is capable of manipulating the weather and definitely has a clean of heart!


He may not be the strongest Marvel character yet he is one of those famous superheroes ever created on television. Who wouldn’t love a human superhero? He is not from outer space; he is a plain human with no super powers until he was bitten by a radioactive spider.


Another human superhero who is a product of experiment. Wolverine is one of the most controversial Marvel character with impeccable strength and the ability to heal.

Iron Man

A human Marvel character whose power relies on his impressive and admirable knowledge in terms of robotics. He is also one of the coolest ever, the richest and the most likable. No wonder Iron Man is loved by most people too, he is quite hilarious and charming at the same time.

Ghost Rider

Who could not like Ghost Rider? He may look terrible once he is transformed however after which is said to be a handsome guy chased by women. Ghost Rider is quite popular too making him one of Marvel’s precious characters.


Venom is a super villain in his own little ways; even Spider Man had a hard time battling him. He attacks from within and can certainly be very tricky.

The Hulk

Incredible Hulk is one of those Marvel characters who come with an uncontrolled temper. The madder he is, the stronger he gets which is an advantage especially if he is being attacked. He has a unique and charming character too.

Captain America

Okay, let’s admit it, Captain America earned his name for he is said to be the noblest among all Marvel superheroes. He is strong and always wants to save lives. He is a simple guy who has a golden heart. Captain America deserves to be in this list, he fights to ensure justice is serve!


Despite his short lived character, Cyclops is one of those amazing characters to note of. He is strong and fights with the use of his eyes, he is simply strong without having to battle physically. Just one look and he can bring havoc in a place.

Human Torch

Being one of the coolest characters in Fantastic Four, Human Torch is also a Marvel character you should not undermine. He too is strong, intelligent and charming.

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