Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mahabharata

One of the greatest Sanskrit epic right from the land of Hindus is Mahabharata. It is the story depicting the fight between truth and evil, virtue and freedom, right and might and the best part comes of it is the win of truth over evil. The main story hovers about the Great War between the brothers Pandavas and Kauravas. They fought the great battle of supremacy for ultimate authority over Hashtinapur and Indraprastha and the best may excel. This is the same story when Krishna Vasudeva Yadava gave the preaching’s of Geeta to Arjuna the best archor in the world. This is the same epic which gave the world the path of righteous and truth. Here are some great facts which one must know about Mahabharata and have been briefly detailed here.

10.) Basic Introduction about the Epic

This epic has been basically divided in to 18 sections known as parvas. The very first parva is called Adi parva which actually contains the stories of Bharat and Bhrigu races, and the very early life of Princes of Kuru, and then on continues with two to last 18th of the parvas called Svargarohana parva which gives a detailed briefing about the final test of Dharmraj Yudhisthir and the return of all other brothers of Yudhisthir back in Swarg the Divine World.

9.) The First Generations

Shanatnu the then king of Hastinapur had a short love affair with Goddess Ganda and they had a son named Devavrata who is later called as Bhisma because of his greatest promise that he made of being unmarried all his life. Later on Ganga is back to divine world living Shantanu behind and Shantanu becomes lonely and seeing his father very sad, Devavrata finds a girl who can really allure his father and he succeeds in doing so. Shantanu becomes mad in love with a fisherwoman name Satyavati.

8.) Next Generations

As on the further story continues, Vyasa is called on for the generations to be carried on and then Dhrisarastra and Pandu is born and both were born with disabilities. Dhritrashtra was born blind while Pandu was born thin and pale. The other born baby at the same moment was Vidur, the wisest person ever born. Dhritrashtra was married to Gandhari, the princess of Gandhar and Oandu was married to Kunti and Madri.

7.) Pandavas and Kauravas

Pandavas were the sons of younger Pandu while the kauravas were total 100 in number and were the sons of Gandhari. Pandavas were the demi gods who were born with the enlightened power of Dharma, Vayu and Indra. Yudhisthir was son of Dharma, Bheem was son of Vayu and Arjuna being Indra’s son. Kunti shares her divine mantra with Madri and she gives birth to twins called Nakul and Sahdeva. Kauravas’ eldest brother was Duryodhan and youngest being the Dushashan who were the most notorious of all of them was under the supervision of Shakuni, his maternal uncle. Both the princess sides were given training of life style and fighting under the supervision of the greatest teacher of those era Dronacharya. One of the most important mention was that Gandhari and Dhritrashtra had a daughter named Dushala. In fact Kauravas were total 101 in number.

6.) The Lakshagriha

Lakshagriha is the important chapter from the life of Pandavas in which after the death of their mother Madri, Pandavas return to Hastinapur with Kunti and Yudhisthir was crowned the prince of state under the constant pressure being given to Dhritrashtra who wanted Duryodhan to be the next emperor. However, Shakuni had another plans to kill Pandavas and that is why he called upon those architects who could build the house of flammable object like lac and ghee in which once Pandavas get in and killed of fire. Vidur, the wisest one had a clue about the situation so he takes the pandavs safely off from the place and saved their life. While Pandavas were considered dead after the Lakshagriha incident in which all those architects were dead.

5.) Draupadi Vivah

While the Pandavas were in Agyatwass ( A living in which they were not supposed to be recognized), there was the marriage ceremony of Draupadi in which Arjuna striked the eye of fish and wins the swayambar of Draupadi. He is then married to Draupadi and comes back to their mother. When they returned back to Kunti, they says that they have brought a very valuable thing for which their mother grants them to share the thing equally and because of this statement, Draupadi was equally divided for each brothers and Pandavas were the common husband to her. Since this was a tragic incident but later on it was explained that Draupadi itself wanted to be the wife of such humans who had all the powers of Lord Shiva and that is why she is now the wife of Pandavas who are somewhere the match in common to Shiva.

4.) Pasha Khel (The game of DICE)

This was the most crucial match which was played between Pandavas and Kauravas and following the consequences of the games, Pandavs had lost their wife Draupadi in the Dice game for which Dushanan goes for Chir-haran and Krishna helps Draupadi. After the interference from Bhisma and other elderly attendents of Council, Pandavas were sent in to exile and it was followed with many resolutions by Pandavas of which the greatest was the Draupadi that she will not tie her hairs until she has the blood of Dushashana and Bheem goes for resolution of killing Dushashana and striking his leg off his body.

3.) Exile – & – Return

Pandavas spent 13 years in exile and in this tenure of time, they did many marvellous jobs and many other different adventures of life. They made their life spent at Virata and in the last days of their exile, Krishna comes as a negotiator in the court of Indraprastha and Duryodhana denies and insults Krishna of which Krishna gets furious and tells that Mahabharata War is invited now.

2.) Kurukshetra and Geeta Updesh

This is the place where the Battle of Mahabharata was fought but prior fighting against their own brothers, Arjuna is now feeling emotions and he denied to raise his arrows against Kauravas and gives up. Upon the incident, the charioteer of Arjuna, Krishna comes with the ultimate preaching of Geeta which is the most famous from the Hindus Divinity and which actually defines the life and truth of humanity. Arjuna now raises his bow and arrow and ultimately, Pandavas defeated Kauravas in the battle. Pandavas remained as the winning clan of the place with many deaths and dead bodies surrounding the. The widows and mothers crying for their dead husbands and sons in the battlefield. This is the time when Gandhari curses Krishna for it and Krishna accepts if silently.

1.) End of Pandavas

Pandavas ruled kingdom for more than 36 years but then on they decide to renounce all and they decide to go to heaven (Swarg). While on the way to Swarg, all the brothers of Yudhisthira falls down, and Dharmaraj remains all alone on the path followed by a dog who was actually Yama, the God of Death. Yama takes Yudhisthir to Underworld, mentioning that all those who were the rulers had to visit it once where they had committed crime or not. Lastly Dharmaraj gave test and he is assured that he will accompanied by his brothers and Draupadi once their time in underworld gets over.

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