Top 10 Indian Actresses that look Weird without Makeup

Do you really think actresses are personification of beauty?? Well, nothing is perfect until and unless you have a cake of makeup on your face or you have a great hand on Photoshop. As Bollywood actresses are well-known for their prettiness and style, they are considered the goddess of beauty who has the ethereal beauty, but most of them are not blessed with the natural beauty they are expected with. This is ultra-talented make-up artist who make them look so ravishing that the above lines become truth.   Here we have top ten faces of fame who look absolutely weird without makeup and the facade perfection which is shown on-screen is merely opposite of how they really look. Check it out yourself to see the reality of these so called beautiful faces.


10. Madhuri dixit:

The all time diva of bollywood, known for her beauty, acting and her mesmerising dancing qualities is beautiful with or without makeup. The beauty lies in her elegant smile which is medicine of all heart diseases. She has the attractive watery eyes that have the talent to speak and communicate with the audience. It was only after her come back with “Aaja Nach Le” when the makeup artists realised the diva is facing ageing problem which needs to be covered through the facial paint. Still she remains the queen of bollywood with the way she carriers herself, the fashion statement she creates always.


9.Priyanka Chopra:

The actress is one of the leading actresses of the present era. The gorgeous Piggy Chops who look absolutely stunning on-screen look just like a normal girl in the crowd. The ex- miss world turned actress who is the symbol is beauty herself is not an angel of the fairy tale in reality. Her absolute symbolised beauty in “Fashion” is totally different of what she really is. But it can be said that on screen or off screen, she is an adorable personality.


 8. Deepika Padukone:

The hot and sexy “Veronica” of cocktail is as bad without make-up as good she is with it. The sexy babe of bollywood needs a mask of heavy pack, liner, blush and shadow to control the hearts of the boyfriends as she holds now.

Her dimpled cheeks along with her leggy lass combined with the miracle created by the makeup artist make her absolutely ready to face the camera with the feeling of hottest diva of bollywood. The above image of the normal girl takes Deepika far away from the glam icon what she always potrays.


7. Sonam kapoor:

Sonam kapoor who was once 80 kgs is now considered the fashion diva of bollywood who made a debut with “sawariyaa” and had stolen the hearts of the youth is not the same when she strips off her make-up. The model turned actress along with the heavy body also has some flaws with the skin that she needs a pack to regain her fashionista image. Since she had an image of a simple, attractive and charming papa’s girl, who along with the combination of fashion and makeup artists looks absolutely stunning on-screen.


6. Rani Mukherji:

The picture below is of none other than Rani Mukherji who looks extremely horrendous without her make up. She was specially noticed in the film “kuch-kuch hota hai” where her acting talent was heartily appreciated. The heroine looks extremely glamorous on-screen especially in sari but it is advisable to her to never get out of her house without makeup or else she will loose some of her signed films. The actress along with the weird looks off screen is also known for her extraordinary voice.


6. Kajol:

The cousin sister of the above heroine has the same problem when it comes to makeup. Although, the heroine has done just a little makeup in the film “baazigar” but with her growing age she needs to put up a huge cake of this paint to look the same that she used to be. The actress has always been very smartly dressed in public and has always shown her sense of style by wearing the type of clothes that suits her personality. It is only after seeing her this picture that everyone will say that she needs this (makeup and dressing sense) compulsorily.


5. Vidya Balan:

This uhhlala girl came into lime light with her film “dirty picture” but the heroine needs some extra care when it comes to dressing sense and makeup. The actress has showed her growth from telly to cinema but to match with the cinematography she has to really work hard with her dressing as well as makeup techniques. She needs an extremely good makeup artist to look good on-screen or off-screen. Not only her viewers, also the critics are always behind her for the same. Without makeup she is totally a different person.


4. Amrita Arora:

A very close relative of the Khan family, though haven’t shown her talent in the field of acting, with the innumerable flops has always been a fashion diva. The sister in law of Arbaaz  Khan and besty of Kareena kapoor atleast have some fashion tips that make her look different from others which is contracting with her acting talent. When it comes to looks, the actress is always associated with the adjectives like sexy, hot or fashion icon. But the actress is just a normal girl who is far from her image where she is the chic of bollywood.


3. Tanushree Dutta:

The “aashiq banaya girl” who looks awesomely well in the film and was considered one of the most seductive heroines of bollywood once but when she was found off-screen with her such a drastic look, then the reality that she requires a regular dose of makeup to atleast maintains the kind of her acting career that she manages now. The actress must remember that it is the beauty that catches the eyes and attention not the exposure she does.


1. Amisha Patel:

The heroine that gave two blockbusters consecutively with “kaho na pyar hai” and “gadar- ek prem kahani” and looked astonishingly beautiful have always a façade of perfection that she has always exposed to her fans. Sans makeup she is just an average girl who herself feels that without camera it is difficult for an actress to face camera. It is only after good dose of make-up and cosmetics that she looks as grooming that she appears to be.

So it is advisable to the above actresses, to have a healthy routine alongwith the diet in order to have a permanent natural radiating beauty to have a long lasting ravishing impression on their audiences as the make up will remain for few hours, it is only the natural beauty that remains persistent.


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