Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girl

Bond girls are one of the most attractive part in Bond series movies.  The bond girl is a character played by an actress in any of the bond series movies, games or novels. The actress plays the role of love interest in the plot. These girls are very attractive, hot and look sexy. The best part about Bond girls is that there is no predefined rules about the role of the bond girl, it totally depends upon the story and the plot. She may be a friend or foe of Bond, she may a important part of the bond missions or may may be she just  a eye candy and is in the story just to add some spice to it.  There have been many girls who have played the role of bond girl in the bond series movies but not all have been equally famous and left an impact but there are a few who gained a lot  of appreciation.

Here I am with the list of top 10 most famous Bond girls.


10. Jill Masterson:

Shirley Eaton an British actress who played the role of  Jill Masterson as the love interest of Bond in the movie “GoldFinger” .

In this movie Jill Masterson was employed by  Goldfinger to help him win every game of cards by telling him the opponents cards, She uses a binoculars and ear piece to covey the message to Goldfinger. Bond seduces her and makes goldfinger lose all his money. And to take revenge GoldFinger kills Jill Masterson and paints her in golden colour.  This image of the actress painted in golden colour became the iconic image and is still remembered.  Also the cloth of the actress in the movie was quite reviling .

09. Mary Goodnight:

Mary goodnight was a character in the movie “The man with the golden gun”  played by Britt Ekland, a Swedish actress.

In the movie “The man with the golden gun”   Mary Goodnight was a secret service staffers,  she assists bond in one of his mission in which he is   following Andrea Anders in Hong Kong .  Both of them works together to find the person an din the process they come closer and have physical relationship.

08. Natalya Simonova:

The character Natalya Simonova was playe by Izabella Scorupco of Sweden in the Bond series movie “GoldenEye” which released in 1995 .

In the movie she works at Severnaya facility which works in the field of missile guidance system. Natalya Simonova is a level 2 programmer there. In a attack every one in her company dies, only she managed to escape from there in time.  After some time she meets Bonds and also helps in his mission and even saves him at times from dangers and thus they came closer to each other.

She was a very beautiful and intelligent girl and was one of the most famous Bond girl in 90’s.

07. Wai  Lin:

The role of Wai Lin was played by Michelle Yeoh,  a chines actress , in the movie “Tomorrow never dies”. which came on the floor in 1997.

In the movie she was a spy in the Chines Peoples External Security Force.  Wai LIn was a professional in Martial arts.  She first meets Bond when she was on a mission  and Bond was a MI-6 agent who was also sent on the same mission by MI-6.  In starting both of them believed that they have been sent to kill one another but latter when they both were caught and kept in prison they knew each other more closely.   Bond started to respect her more when she rejects bonds attempts at seduction.

Wai Lin is still one of the most popular Bond girl and may be the reason is that she is the only stunt woman among Bond girls.

06. Tatiana Romanova: 

This character was used in the movie “From Russia With Love”, it was played by a Italian girl Daniela Bianchi.

In the movie she was assigned a task to convince Bond to steal a decoding machine.

05.  Giacinta  “Jinx” Johnson:

This role was played by Halle Berry, an American actress in the bond series movie “Die Another Day”.  Halle Berry is the only Oscar winner girl to have played the role of Bond girl

In the movie she is a NSA agent who joins bond on one of his mission to spy on Zao.

04. Teresa Di Vicenzo:

This role was played by Diana Rigg an English actress in the movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

Bond meets her for the first time when she tries to commit suicide and bond saves her, and after that bond falls in love with her.

03. Vespar Lynd:

This was a fictional character in the Bond series movie “Casino Royale” which released in 2006 and this was played by a French  actress Eva Green.

This character was first used in 1967 “casino royale” .

02. Pussy Galore:

This list would really be incomplete without Pussy Galore which is a character in the Bond series movie “Goldfinger”, it was portrayed by Honor Blackman.

Pussy Galore was on Goldfinger side  initially but later in the movie she comes closer to bond and they both worked together.

This character of Pussy Galore is very memorable as the producers were concerned about the censor of the film and there was a lot of talk about this at that time.

01. Honey Ryder:

This character of Bond girl is still most famous, it was played by a Swiss girl  Ursula Andress in the Bond series film “Dr.  No”.

The scene in which Honey Ryder comes out of sea in a white bikini became memorable and it became the iconic Bond girl image.

Honey Ryder was the first Bond Girl but the most famous.



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