Top 10 Hottest Female Cartoon Characters-Too Hot to handle

The word cartoon fills us with several memories from our childhood. We all have our favourites with whom we are closely bonded. Here is a list of top 10 sexiest cartoon characters, take a look!

10. Elhaym Van Houten(Elly):Xenogears

Elly is a young, skilful and strategic lady who is on her quest to breakthrough and obtains a top-secret experiment device from Kislev.  She is an officer of Gebler and accidentally meets Fei in a village forest which changes her life completely. She always helps Fei despite of the difficulties she has to face. She cannot leave military and her own limitations but she is competent and always stands for Fei.

9. Nancy Gribble- King of the Hill

Nancy is a very charming, beautiful and lovely looking character who is too possessive about her youthful appearance. She is mother to one Joseph with her boyfriend for fourteen years, John Redcorn. However she later became a faithful wife to her husband Dales. She was earlier a weather reporter who later became an anchor in a show on local news channel 84. She always tried to  seek attention from male members of the society for her groomed body and womanish charm.

8. Betty Rubble:Flintstones

Betty is one of the sexiest fox who blew all other ladies off the list. She is always admired for her beauty and was always wanted by men. She is very raw and delicate, often seen driving her little car. She wore mammoth skin and took elephant showers which had a charming effect on her man. She was sophisticated and witty at the same time, making one want to watch her. She was a very humble and down to earth girl who got always helped her husband get out of trouble.

7. Sorry it has been Deleted, She became too hot to handle:), We will be adding a character here soon.

6. Cheetara: Thundercats

Cheetara in Thundercats is a very ferocious character who is seen wrapped around in cat’s skin and Thundercat symbol imposed on her dress at the front of her bosom. She has a well built athlete like body making her look appealing. She is dressed in an orange one-piece upto her knees. She possesses fiery characteristics and has a magnet, ThunderLynx,  embedded in her petite figure. She was a terrific fighter and made hard smart smacks on the enemies’ face to protect Lion-O and Sword of Omens.

5. Betty Boop:Talkartoon

Betty Boop is a charming animated, cartoon character who was seen in Talkartoon and later in the Betty Boop film series and several comic magazines.  The character is one of the first horny cartoon who has curly hair-do and stout figure. She was the first woman like character, different from other female cartoons of her time, which were slightly different from their male counterparts. She wore short dresses, high-heels and had sexy bosom which she flaunted. She had a boyfriend Bimbo with whom her chemistry was interesting.

4. Princess Jasmine-Aladdin

We all remember Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, the pretty lady with shiny brown eyes, long beautiful tresses with the two blue bands and lovely hourglass figure. But the delicate looking Princess is very stubborn and is a girl of her own will. She is fierce and wants to have the freedom like other girls. She wants to marry for love and not for money. She eventually leaves the house because of her stout mind and lands up in a trouble as she is unaware of the realities of the outside world. She is an adventure loving girl and she used to accompany him on his expeditions.

3. Ariel-The Little Mermaid         


Ariel, the youngest daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena of the Merfolk kingdom, is a very attractive figure. She has long coloured hair and is seen dressed in a purple bikini top. She is often seen with her friend, Flounder and her father’s advisor, Sebastian. She is very adamant and goes out at her own to explore the secrets of human world creating conflicts between her and her father. She is madly in love with Prince Eric and she often falls in trouble on account of her madness.

2. Erotica Jones -Stripperella

Erotica is a full-of energy strong fighter woman who is often found making sexy marshal arts moves and fight actions. She has an appealing intellect and always makes smart decisions. She has supernatural strength, makes breathtakingly high jumps and uses her hair as parachute to land on ground. She claims to adjust in all weather conditions and temperature ranges and has various astonishing technological devices.

1. Jessica Rabbit:Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is a sexy, eye-candy and sleek figure who is covered with milky skin. She has grave blue eyes, long lustrous black hair, red attractive lips, purple eye-lids and blue earrings which made her irresistible.  She was a very naughty and passionate person, who married Roger Rabbit because his company made her laugh. Robert was a cartoon artist and Jessica came out of his imagination as his toon wife. She was amoral and was envied by many.



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