Top 10 Highest Places for Bungee Jumping in the World

Every custom, ceremony, tradition or culture had a starting, a notch at which the tradition was born and introduced; just like a law which was once only a phenomenon. Mesoamerica is known as the State of Mexico and its encompassing, the moors living there few centuries ago had a tradition that if a young lad wanted to prove himself as a man when he would have to jump from a wooden platform while his feet or ankle were to be attached to a rope for the support. That young lad would enter the manhood if he accomplished the task. This tradition was practiced in the days of Aztecs many centuries ago and was still practiced in the some islands situated in country of Vanuatu till few decades ago.

This tradition was later given a new face and was introduced as bungee jumping in the year 1979; it was a stunt practiced by the students Oxford University who were the members of the dangerous Sports Club at the university. The folks were arrested but the jumps continued. This was a secret activity until a TV show sponsored a bungee jump which brought fame to bungee jump. A man is to jump from a bridge, a tall building, a helicopter, hot air balloon or any high object, while an elastic rope is attached to his feet; a climbing harness is also attached to secure the jump.

There are different kinds of bungee jumping; Catapult, Twin tower, Trampoline, running, ramp and through Suspended Catch air device. Bungee jumping is highly dangerous and a small mishap can turn into a very serious accident, 5 well known deaths have been recorded in the history of bungee jumping, among them one was woman who was a member of Professional Bungee team. apart from severe accidents, bungee jumping can also do some harm to your membrane and plays a vital rule in reducing the immunity power of humans; bungee jumping can also cause some muscles ache in various part of body if you are not trained properly. The higher altitude you choose for you bungee jump the more adventurous it becomes, the top ten highest places for bungee jumping in the world are:


Corinth canal is squeezed between Peloponnese and Greece; the canal is in the territory of Aegean Sea. There is bridge which is built over the canal and serves as the place of jumping for the bungee jumpers. The bridge offers a bungee jump of 260 feet and after jumping the jumper continues to swing above the Corinth canal.



Ponte colossus is a bridge built over a height of 500 feet above the surface of earth; it accelerates the jumper at a speed of 100km/h of free fall motion. Bungee jumping from this place is one of the craziest things to do in life; but once you have done it, it becomes the most exciting memory of your life. Before jumping nothing will make a sense but once you have jumped and you start swinging, you every motion will make sense.


Bhoti koshi is a river at Khat Mandu in Nepal; the river is very famous for its rafting, canoeing as well as bungee jumping. The landscape of Bhoti Koshi is blessed with very high mountains and deeply bewitching valley. Swinging like a pendulum over the Bhoti Koshi River can be the most dazzling experience in one’s life; the jumpers can jump from a height on 557 feet. The bungee jumping site at Nepal is just superb.



Switzerland is blessed with the most breath taking and spell bounding beauty; bungee jumping in Switzerland can be a very pleasant thing of your life. Niouc, one of the ferocious and rampant sights of Europe holds the world record for the highest number of bungee jumps. The ravishing landscape of Niouc is pretty appealing and it becomes even more erotic when one witnesses it through bungee jumping. Niouc, parked inVal d’Anniviers offers bungee jumping from a bridge suspended at an altitude of 630 feet and accelerates the jumper at a speed 50km/h in free fall.


Europabrucke Bridge is spread widely over the Wipps Valley in Tirol, Austria. The landscape of Wipps valley is one of the most intoxicating sights of the world; the valley is bestowed with magnificent mountains and lots of greenery. The bridge accommodates the bungee jumper with a jump of 630 feet; the jumpers enjoy some really enticing and erotic pleasure during their bungee jump.


The Victoria Falls Bridge is built at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe at the south of Africa. The landscape of Victoria fall is highly inviting, appealing and tempting; the fall itself is very charming and is capable of capturing the hearts of the viewers as well as mesmerizing them. The bridge is at a height of 649 feet and provides very pulchritudinous and resplendent sights for its bungee jumpers; as the Victoria fall is situated at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, you can see two countries at the price of one ticket.



Bloukrans Bridge is parked in the vicinity of Nature’s Valley near Cape; the bridge was constructed in the late 20th century. This bridge administers its tourist with a bungee jump from an altitude of 708 feet; this is the highest bungee jump available in the Continent of Africa. If you are feeling low then go for bungee jumping at the Bloukrans Bridge because it has some splendid views for its bungee jumpers.


James bond jumped over the Vozasca Dam in his movie “Golden eye”, since then the place is known as the 007 goldeneye bungee jumping or they say jump like James bond. The place provides a commercial bungee jump from a height of 725 feet which comes under the list of the highest bungee jump. The jump accelerates and amazes the human inner self as it gives a view of the Vozasca Valley and the ravishing landscape in the surrounding.


Macau tower is an entertainment and convention centre situated in the prior Portuguese Colony at Macau. This tower provides every kind of entertainment for its guest such as restaurants, theater, café, shopping mall, conference hall, exhibition hall as well as bungee jumping.  The tower accommodates the bungee jump from a height of 760 feet and at a velocity of 200km/h (fastest). the second highest bungee jump is an enticing factor of the Macau Tower at china.


Royal Gorge Bridge is constructed over a theme park of 360 acres in Colorado, the state of USA. The park is the most prominent jewel of Colorado, the bridge itself is very old as it was built in 1929. The Royal Gorge Bridge is built at a height of 1053 feet, which is the highest place for bungee in the world. The bridge is built over the River Arkansas, with the river on the view the bungee jump get even more animated.

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