Top 10 Highest Earning Boxers of all time

Boxing: It is a king of championship gaming dual which will ultimately prove one’s supremacy above other. It is the combat of mind, ideas, style, strength and persona. Every boxer try to excel with the best. Some become famous forever and some are lost in it. Here are the list of the boxers who are the highest paid and earning of all time. The list starts as :-

10.) Marco Antonio Barrera

Born on June 17th, 1974, Marco is a Mexican Boxer. Being a 3 time WBO champion in Super Bantamweight cat. and many more, he is the given the 10th rank in highest earning boxers of all time. He is also known as “Baby-faces-Assassin”. Having a total worth of $85 million, this Baby Faced Boxer is name at the list for the last rank but not so last.

9.) Lennox Lewis

Ranked at the number 9, he is supposed it be at a net worth of $60 million. He is ahead in the list of Marco just because of his achievements. His richest image of status is cause of being a heavyweight Boxer and moreover the Undisputed World Champion. Having fought a total of 44 matches of which he had won 41. He is among the five boxers in the universe to have won the World Heavyweight Championship for three times.

8.) George Foreman

A veteran and retired Boxer and the two time world heavyweight champ and along with it Olympic Gold Medalist, he is now a author and an entrepreneur. He is currently having a total net worth of more than $ 250 million. Although having such a huge sum, he is above many boxers but not above the famous ones like Mayweather and La Hoya. He is currently ranked the 8th richest boxers of all time.

7.) Juan Manuel Marquez

Born on 23 August 1973, Juan is a Mexican Boxer and the current WBO light welterweight champ. He has been ranked as the sixth best boxer of the world. Currently active and playing as a best among the Mexican Boxers. Since he is active and although not possessing much against the last 3, he is having a net worth of more than $ 30 million but since he is active and this is the beneficial part of him to be in list at number 7. He has won 52 of his 58 bouts.

6.) Bernard Hopkins

An American Boxer and currently active boxer is the first fighter in the universe to have retained all his 4 world titles of each major boxing championships matches. Currently grossed with a net worth around $45 million, he is seeded at number 6 in the list of richest boxers. The Ring magazine ranked him number 3 on the list of best boxers for last 50 years. Amazing records and amazing style of fighting and moreover he is the oldest boxer ever to win a world title and that too at an age of 46.

5.) Ray Jones Jr.

Surprising the universe with his ultimate fighting styles, Ray Jones is the first former middleweight champ to win WBA heavyweight championship in last 106 years. With an amazing match stats, he is having win in 55 of 63 bouts. Having named “Fighter of the Decade” by the Boxing Association of America. He is currently to have a total net worth of $45 million.

4.) Mike Tyson

Once the owner of net worth more than $330 million, this guy is the ultimate fighter of the universe. Having banned from the professional Boxing after his misconduct of chewing and biting his rival boxer, he is currently out from boxing championships. He was the richest boxer of his own time and even served for 3 years in prison for a rape he did. Currently said to have a net worth of $1 million, he is in the list for number 4, since once had the total net worth of more than $ 300 million.

3.) Manny Paquiao

This Filipina Boxer is the first ever boxer in the universe to claim all ten world titles as well as the first to win Lineal Championship in 4 different weight classes. Named as the fighter of the Decade by Association of Boxing, America, He is supposed to have a total net worth of $ 85 million. The most interesting thing about him is that he is currently active boxer and the chances of his growth is the maximum like other top seed boxers. It is likely to be known to all that the fight with Flyod Maywaether was postponed but is about to happen and it is surely going to increase his net worth almost up to more than surplus 50 million dollar in his total worth. One of the richest boxers of his class and yet to achieve a lot.

2.) Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Currently known as the undefeated professional boxer, he is said to have a total net worth of more than $ 115 million and still an active boxer so the chances of growth is still prospering. As mentioned earlier, once the fight between him and Manny Paquiao took place, he will too be credited of about $ 50 million in his total net worth. Having awarded with many names, the most famous of his nick-names is Pretty Boy. he is ultimate champion of the rings with the total of 43 wins in total of 43 bouts which is unbelievable. Rock on Mayweather.

1.) Oscar De La Hoya

Born on 4th February, 1973, Oscar De La Hoya is the retired Mexican descent Boxer. He is globally acclaimed for defeating a total of 17 world champions, and has won ten world titles in more than 5 different weight classes. He retired from professional boxing in year 2009. He is estimated to have a net worth of $696 million. Such a huge and I say it Woooowww… He is now undoubtedly the highest earning boxer on the universe. His charm allure as well and the estimated worth adds up the four moon in his fame.

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