Top 10 Highest Budget Movies of all Time

Movies are the best gift for the mankind. It is the ultimate entertainment package for the generations to generation with every age of people having their own personal interest in it. Baby boys loving cartoons, to teens loving love movies with Engineers indulged for mixed while the elders in serious issues type movies. The class of movies is sometime dependent on its budget. The makers invest a huge amount on it and in return they hope for the best to come. For generations movies with the highest budget are made and a list of top 10 highest and most expensive budget movie is listed here. The list continues as:-

10.) King Kong

This movie was in original the remake of 1933 King Kong movie. The original movie was a megahit and the critically acclaimed blockbuster. The movie touched the grossing heights and the making budget of the movie grossed more than $ 150 million but it reached to almost more than $200 million once it came to the shows. The movie was a record highest budget movie till 2006 when many movies in consequent broke the record ot the movie in the making budget.


9.) Superman Returns

The super hit DC comics superhero and the powerhouse was also portrayed to be a movie character and the Superman was played by Brandon Routh. It was the worldwide famous and blockbuster for the year. It gave the audience the exact thing they wanted and the making of the movie was done accordingly. It is the 9th most expensive movie to date in the history of cinema. It took about $ 209 million in its making and to conclude it was a profitable to invest in the movie.


8.) X-Men : The last Stand

The third in the series of X-Men. This movie was the mutant gather up and the plot was just too good. The movie as usual has shown Wolverine as one of the best in it and it was the movie of 2006 which dethroned King Kong from the post of the most expensive movie of the history of cinema. At present scenario, the movie is the 8th most expensive movie with a total investment of $210 million in its making. After all a profitable business followed up with it.


7.) Pirates of Caribbean (Dead Man’s Chest)

The movie is the sequel to the one of the best mysterious, surprising and the super blockbuster Pirates of Caribbean (The Curse of Black Pearl). It was a super hit of the session with the Jack Sparrow again mesmerizing the audience with its acting and the look he always wears with the same rotten and cut sword and the broken but the most useful compass. The movie was made with a budget of total 225 million dollar but to mention the best about the movie was that it grossed about more than $ 1 billion in the box office. The movie is ranked at number 7 in the list.


6.) The Dark knight Rises


The movie is the third part of the “BATMAN” portrayed by Christian Bale and His ultimate perfectionist character has been revealed in it through his work. He is shown as a guy who has lost his all power and then on there arises a need of a superhero, and in absence of Gotham Superhero, Batman, the city is under the hands of goons and Mafia. Batman comes back with a new energy and he makes the changes in to his city back to the original and takes his company off the way. The movie was filmed with a budget of more than $230 and it did well on the box office.

5.) Avatar

In my concern, this is one of the best from James Cameron. The movie cross passed Cameron’s previous best with Titanic records. The movie was ultimate with the concept led in to it. The movie actually portrays a world another from us and the people in it worshipping a tree which is the source of all energies to them. The movie was made with a budget of total $ 237 million and to my view, it as worth to put in to it with such an innovative concept and idea of filmmaking with a trendy new characters and in my terms Blue mans. The movie broke all records of the box-office. A worth to watch and worth to pay for it.


4.) Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

An unforgettable sequel to the list of Potter series, a movie based of the novels of J.K.Rowling. The movie is the sixth way part of the series. The movie is based on the adventures of Harry on a book which he found in the Hogwarts with a name on it that is Half Blood Prince. Later on, Severus Snape unfolds himself as The Half Blood Prince. The movie was made at a huge budget of $ 250 million in it and the movie grossed back the investors their sum back with a profit as well.


3.) Spider Man-3

The last part of the series SPIDER MAN. The movie faced the most challenges from its own predeceasing parts. It was although not as entertaining as the last two hits but a huge sum was invested in its making. The movie had a net budget of $ 258 million. Whoever heard the sum, said Woooooowwww.. That Big. !


2.) Tangled

The movie is a story based on the Fairy Tales of a girl names Rapunzel with long hairs but the drama starts with entry of Ryder in it. The actual story dint have the character name Flynn Ryder but the movie had. Anyways, who cared if it was a Disney Production. The thing which Disney should have cared was the investment in it and the movie was made with a mammoth budget of $ 260 million in it making it the 2nd most expensive movie of the history of filmmaking.


1.) Pirates of Caribbean (At world’s End)

The flick and the sequel to the world hit Pirates of Caribbean. This movie again entertained and draw the attention of viewers. The magic of Jack Sparrow called on and the audience were spell bounded. The movie had a budget of total $ 300 million making it the most expensive movie in the history of cinema.

Of course the movie had the viewers just because of the adventures of Jack sparrow portrayed by Johnny Depp.


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