Top 10 Greatest Batsman in the World Cricket

Cricket is one of the most famous game in the world and is both played and watched by a large section of society in the whole world.

Batsmen are the players who bats for their team and tries to score as much runs as they can for their team. The result of a cricket match also depends upon how batsmen of the team plays. At times  batsmen can easily decide the result of the match of their own.  At times it has also been said that cricket is a batsman’s game. In cricket bating are more popular than  bowling and so are are batsman than the bowlers.

There have been many batsmen who have left their mark in cricket and are considered greats of the game. There are different batsmen  who are considered better than others but still it is not fixed who is the best and different people have different names as their top batsmen. This discussions will keep on going till cricket is played. Here i am with the list of top 10 greatest batsmen in the world who have been brilliant in their work and some of them are still playing the game.


10. Ricky Ponting: 

Ricky Pointing nick named punter is Australian batsman who was also the captain of his national cricket side from 2002-2011 in ODI and from 2004-2011 in test. He is a very fine batsman with a great skills and is considered one of the greats of Australian batting. The best thing about Pointing is his consistency with which he plays. Apart from a good batsman, he is also considered the the best Australian captain and has also won the cricket world cup twice under his captaincy in 2003 and 2007.


9.  Rahul Dravid: 

This list wouldn’t be complete without the name of Rahul Dravid, the great Indian batsman. He is  better known as “THE WALL” in the cricketing world because of his ability to defence and not give away his wicket easily. He bats with a great patience and plays long innings for his team. He is one of the best classical batsman the cricketing world has seen. Many a times he has played very crucial and important innings for his team and won matches for his team.


8.  Jacques Kallis:

This South African player is the best cricketer in the history of south Africa. He has been playing cricket for over a decade and is still going on strong. He is a very good batsman with a great class and temperament. Apart form his bating he is also known for his accurate bowling. He is also regarded as the best all-rounder in the history of cricket. And all these statements for him is justified with his outstanding cricketing record. He is the only player who has scored more than 11000 runs and taken more than 250 wickets in both forms of the game, i.e. test and ODI.


7.  Sunil Gavasker:

He is former Indian cricketer who played for his countries in 70’s and 80’s. He is regarded as a very good batsman and is also regarded as one of the best opening batsman in cricket. He made many batting records during his career, he set the record for most test runs and most number of test centuries  by a individual player. These records remained unbroken for a long time but now these have been broken. He was very well known for his great technique of batting against the faster bowlers.  He was also the captain of Indian team for  some time.


6. Brian Lara: 

Brain Lara is on the batsman who is known for his long innings in cricket matches. He is the player who holds the record for the highest individual  test score 400* and the highest individual first class score 500* . He was very consistent in his game and use to score runs in almost all matches.  He is the only batsman who has scored a hundred, a double century, a triple century, a quadruple century and a quintuple century in first class games. He also holds the record for most number of runs in an over in test cricket, i.e. 28 runs.


5. Allan Border: 

He a former Australian batsman who was also the captain of his side for most of the time in his career. He was very much successful both as a batsman and as a captain. He made many cricketing records during his career, he still holds the world record for the number of consecutive Test appearances of 153 and the number of Tests as captain. When he retired he held the record for most capped Australian player and also was the leading run scorer in both test and ODI.


4. Sir Garfield Sobers:

He is former West Indies cricketer who represented his team from 1954 to 1974. Apart from a very good batsman, he was also a very good bowler, in fact he stared his career as a bowler but later was promoted up in the batting order. He is still regarded as one the best all-rounder in cricket.


3. Sir Viv Richards:

He is a former West Indies cricketer who was known for his aggressive and powerful batting. He was a real beast who was very devastating and on his day could destroy the finest of bowling attack.  He was voted one of the five cricketers of the century 2000. Wisden judge one of his ODI inning   as best ever played. He was also chosen Wisden as then greatest ODI batsman of all time and third greatest batsman in test.


2. Sachin Tendulkar:

Any list of batsman without this Indian cricketer is not complete. Sachin Tendulkar is one of the finest batsman the world has ever produced. He holds almost all the batting records in his name, right from most number of ODI runs to most number of test runs, most number of ODI hundred to most number of  test hundred, most number of ODI played to most number of test played, he is also the fist batsman to score a double century in ODI. He has many more records and it would not be possible to  list all those here. And no article or even a complete book can describe his complete skills and brilliance.

Many people believe that he is the best batsman cricket has seen and is better than even Donald Bradman, but i believe both of them are greats of the game and should not be compared but to show respect to Sir Donald Bradman, i have kept him at the top.


1. Sir Donald Bradman:

He was the Australia cricket, offend referred as DON. There are had been many arguments and are  still going on whether who is the greatest batsman in the history of cricket. Different people have different names but one name that will always come in everybody’s mind is Sir Donald Bradman. And one reason for this is probably the time when he played his cricket, i.e in early 1900. One of his greatest  achievement  is the batting average which he had, i.e. 99.94.

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