Top 10 Best Gifts to give to your Girlfriend

Is the love of your life angry with you? is it your anniversary or did you forget her birthday?…. No! guys it does not have to be about occasions or reasons. Sometimes its just great to make your girl go ‘WOW’ when she least expects it. The element of surprise is what makes even ordinary stuff look so meaningful.  You do not have to wait for an event to get a gift for your loved one, but what might that be !? When it comes to women no one can surely know what is in their mind but atleast ten of them would narrow down the odds. So here it is, a list of Top 10 Gifts for your girlfriend to let how know what she means in your life.

10. Books

Yes! you read that right. You might not know it but even she has bad grades, she reads the books that interest her. Get a good book that suits her personality or choose the obvious ones like  “The Twilight Saga”. Even if she is not much of a reader, she will surely cherish her prized possession and since you gave it to her, it has additional meaning.

9. Music and Movies

It is always safe to pick a good DVD or music CDs for your girlfriend. Girls are always into such stuff and if she has her ipod lucked into her ears half a day you can never go wrong. You should have a good idea about the music she likes and the artist, if that is not the case pick a classic movie or your favourite movie DVD. She will be more than happy to give you company through it as you two have your own time.

8. Chocolates

Unless she is diabetic or allergic to cocoa, chocolates will always be an ideal choice for your girlfriend. This is where you would be glad to find them so predictable. Girls love chocolates, although there is no “one size suits all” in this matter, i hope you know which one is her favourite before you decide to give her this surprise. My guess is if your intentions and feelings are genuine then even if its only an empty box she would still give you a hug anyway…..before she opens the box that is. Good luck with that.

7. Flowers

Ok, lets get the obvious one out of the question before we move on. Although it might be the oldest trick in the book it still hasn’t lost its charm. Flowers have and always be something more than just plants when you use them to express love. It does not necessarily has to be a red rose or a big bouqet, something subtle works just as much if right feelings are involved from both sides. Make sure they look and smell good and so do you before pulling this one up the sleeve.

6. Cards

Sometimes written words give the sentence its true meaning and what better way to say “I love you” without even saying it. These are the only type of cards that do not require an event to hand out and no matter how out-dated they sound, there is nothing quite much like it that does what it can. Get a beautiful card with just the words that suit you, huge range of options of that in a gift store. Simple, elegant and to the point.

5. Soft toys

No boys its not your sister i’m talking about. No matter how much of a women she claims herself to be she is still a little girl in her heart and she loves soft toys. If you don’t have any idea pick a teddy bear, this one never goes wrong but remember when it comes to women size matters so the bigger it is the better.

4. Shoes and Handbags

As girls love shopping, they all have a fetish for shoes and handbags. It is the next best thing to taking them for shopping but lets face it, who has that much time (or cash) to let them go on a shopping spree as they will take the whole day. Thus, its better to do it yourself and it also lets her know that you are aware and care about her choices. Sneak into her wardrobe first to figure out what brand she is into (and her shoe size) because even if you mess up the color or design, the brand name always does the trick to satisfy her.

3. Smartphones

Now, if she is a female and she has a pulse, it is a money well spend on a good smartphone. It is a social network era and there is no one else who uses their smartphones better than girls. “Take a picture, edit it and voila, it is on a Facebook and oh! so is in Pizza Hut now”. You get the picture, but don’t burn your wallet in the process. Remeber there are other items on the list as well.

2. Perfume

Another thing that does not change in a female with age is their knack for smelling good, but the one thing that does is the price to pay for it. Girls are into famous brands, at-least majority of girls are so it is safer for you if you know what brand she is into so that even if your sense of smell might not be as good as hers, your selection is. Make sure you have a deep pocket to make this one happen though. Cheers!

1. Diamonds

Now here is something you can never go wrong in a million lightyears. No matter how much she says she is not into it, they all are and its just a matter of the right selection. Some girls like it to be extravagant while others prefer it just as drop of water. I know it is not possible for everyone to swipe your Dad’s credit card so it is not a compulsion but Diamonds are a girl’s best-friend. Just be certain she loves you more than her best friend ot it will turn out to be a charity sooner or later.

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