Top 10 Funniest Stand Up Comedians in India

Laughing is treated to be the best therapy in the world. A person laughing daily gets his lifetime increased. This is exactly true and there are always person who always try to imitate and make you happy by many ways. There are numerous comedians in India, and the list of the best 10 is as followed:-

10.) Shakeel Siddqui

The stand-up comedian from Pakistan, and TV actor is a frequent and prominent actor in India. He is also known as ” teelli” in Pakistan. He gained popularity after he appeared in first season of Comedy Circus, a comedy show on Zee TV. He dint succeed to win the show, but his versatility, made him the co-host of the next season of the show. He appeared in many shows since then, DUS KA DUM, and as a judge of Boogie Woogie a dance based competition show. In Pakistan, prior coming to India, he along with Umer Sharif, played in famous stage comedy play” Bakra Qistoon pay”, and ” Nayi ammi Purana Abba. After attacks in Mumbai, 2008, It was heard that he was beaten up and was forced to leave the nation back to Pakistan.

9.) Saloni Daini

A fictitious character, Gangubai has been immortalized by this young little charm girl, Saloni Daini, has made her the best child comedian of the nation. She is from Pune. She has won the Chhote miyan on 7 March 2009.At the age of 3 only, she had started facing camera and acting in Marathi serials and films. He on-screen partner is Rajiv Thakur, a well known stand up comedian as well. She was starred in No problem as a child artist and she portrayed the role of Tuk-Tuk.

8.) Krishna Abhishek

The nephew of famous Bollywood actor Govinda and cousin of Soumya Seth and Ragini Khanna. Although, started his career as an actor, he could make his name and then on gained fame from his comedy aspects of style.  Along with sudesh lehri, he rocks the show, and participated in successive series of comedy circus. His talent of blind man makes him outstanding among the others.

7.)  Bharti Singh

The character immortalized by Bharti singh is none other our sweet “lalli”. This young lady has been the sensation for many years. Her extra ordinary performance nad unmatchable quality of mimicry and comedy makes her to grab a spot at number7. Born on 3 July 1989 in Amritsar, Punjab. She was the second runner up of the comedy series, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge , Season 4. She has been a regular participant of comedy circus. She has also done some Punjabi films namely Ek noor (2011) and Yamle Jatt Yamle (2012).

6.) VIP

VIP is the best mimic character of the nation. He can continuously play for moments for almost more than 50 Bollywood actors without being stopped or startled by any hitch. He is the regular contestant of comedy circus. Recently, he was a part of the movie, BOL BACHCHAN (2012) by Rohit Shetty, an ex-judge of the show Comedy Circus and famous film director. His full name is Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar, in short simply VIP.

5.) Sudesh Lehri

A famous actor, tv personality and the classic stand up comedian. He was the finalist of Great Indian Laughter challenge in 2007 and by then already proved his excellence in Punjabi film industry. The famous dialogues of him include those of Punjabi ” Main thappar marna tere and ” teri maa ka sakinaka”. Having already worked in many Punjabi films and Hindi movies, he is now paired up with Krishna Abhishek in comedy circus. He was recently seen in the movie Ready, a role along with Salman Khan, a comic role.

4.) Ahsaan Qureshi

The second runner up of the first laughter show and the mega hit of the era, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. He has been a stage actor for more than 20 years and focusing on political issues, he is continuously active. Having a part of Big-Boss season 2 also in yester-years,He also acted in movies like Bombay to Goa (2007) and a Bhojpuri movie, Hanuman Bhakt Hawaldar.His slow style comedy and long enhanced version of style gained him popularity among the audience.

3.) Kapil Sharma

The best comedian and the winner of almost consecutive comedy circus shows for last 4 years is Kapil Sharma. A Punjabi from nature and culture, he is the winner of  season 3 of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. His potrayal of famous comedy characters are ” lala roshan lal and Shamsher singh( Punjab Police Cop). His ultimate talent of solo comedy makes him the best and outstanding. Having done acting in movies like The legend of Bhagat singh, Khakee and Bhavnao ko samjho ( A movie directed by his fellow comedian Sunil Pal).He is currently a part of many upcoming movies of big banner. A man of different talents, he unarguably best for the spot number

2.) Sunil Pal

The undisputed champion of the first season of ” The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”. Sunil pal gained popularity in  stand up comedy because of his mimicry of many Bollywood actors and his own created character, A drunkard ” Ratan Noora”. He recently had directed, wrote, and produced the movie ” BHavnao ko Samjho”, a movie which had 51 stand-up-comedian. He has also acted in movies like Bombay to Goa, Hum Tum, Phir Hera Pheri, Apna Sapna money Money. His movie is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Record for having record stand up comedian in his movie that is 51 in total. He is at number 2 in the list of best stand-up comedian of India.

1.) Raju Srivastav

The list top comedian is Raju Srivastav. He was born in Kanpur on the day of birth of Jesus, 25 December 1963. Since his childhood, he was allured in making fun and mimicry.Born in to a poet family, he was already the master of talents. He gained fame from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, where he was the people’s choice. Although, he didn’t win the show but he was the second runner up of the show. Having done acting in many films, he was the champion of ” The Great Indian Laughter Challenge – Champions”. He was given the title ” The King of Comedy”. The portrayal of fictitious characters ” Manohar and Gajodhar” is the national-hit. His way of delivery of comedy in his traditional language mainly comprising the typical bihari language and awadhi makes him outstanding in the list and to all choice, he is unarguably the best of all of the comedians in India.

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