Top 10 Fun Places to Spend New Year’s Eve 2012

21st December 2012. Are you afraid? If yes, then don’t. You are safe and going to celebrate the New Year in pink of your health. Avoid the rumors and welcome the New Year with full zeal.

So it’s again the same time of the year to make plans for the New Year’s Eve. You must be planning to make this New Year’s Eve special. But how? May be we can help you a little. We are listing here the top ten places where you can spend your New Year’s Eve 2012 and make it the most memorable till now. Let’s have a look:

10. Community hall

If you are planning to spend your New Year’s eve not only with a group of people but with all the important friends and relatives then you must book a community hall now. The best way to celebrate is to celebrate together. The more the people more the happiness. Re-union this New Year with all the important people in your life who at some point of life made you smile. So, go for it, start sending the invites before they make their own plans. Do something memorable this New Year.

9. Hill Station

New Year means winter time. A hill station during winters is a cherry on the cake. Enjoy the snow and serenity of the hills all around. So disclose your plan to your friends and family and tell them to get ready for the all unique New Year’s Eve. Get ‘at the top’ feeling this New Year’s Eve. Shout and wish the world ‘Happy New Year 2012’ from the mountains.

8. Abroad

If you are planning an expensive New Year’s Eve, then going overseas is a great idea. It will be a two in one affair then. Collaborate your holiday and New Year’s celebrations altogether. If you are planning to go to a holiday in abroad, this can be the best time. All you need to do is book your tickets in advance, so that it isn’t full at the last time. Many of the cities in the world welcome New Year with full zeal and enjoyment; you can join them in doing so. Refresh your mind from the past year’s work load and tensions. Spend your New Year’s Eve 2012 away from worries and your daily routine.

7. Your Home

Everybody likes to be home. So if you want to spend New Year’s Eve at home, it’s a great idea. Especially, when you live in another city, away from home, working or studying. It’s a perfect New Year plan then. Spend New Year’s Eve with those who wait the whole year for holidays just to see you. Apply for a holiday and pack your bags to be home for the New Year’s Eve. There’s no other place like home. Make yourself and your near and dear ones happy this New Year.

6. Your Car

Definitely not in the parking. Do you love going on a long drive or simply a drive with your loved one? You can revive all your moments lived during the past year which you will never forget. So just get your car’s tank full and set out to give a nostalgic touch to your New Year’s Eve. Visit all those roads and places in the city where you shared beautiful memories together and make a perfect start of your New Year with your loved one. You can also plan stoppages at the ice-cream parlours and road side stalls where you spend life time memorable moments together and promise each other to spend every coming New Year together. Make sure not to spill the beans before New Year’s Eve, because this is the perfect surprise for your partner.  You can’t ask for more when you get to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your love and that too in this way. So, go ahead, plan it.

5. Society grounds

The people in your society are the ones who stand beside you all the year long. If you celebrate every other festival with them then why not New Year? Plan a party at your society grounds and spend your New Year’s Eve with the people who affect your daily lives, with whom you share your joy and sorrows. If it seems boring to you then you can add your own colors to the get together. Arrange some good music and rock the dance floor. You can also arrange games to play to give your New Year an enthusiastic start. So start working on your plan and don’t forget to include your neighbour’s ideas.

4. Amusement Park

Now-a-days amusement parks organize bumper parties for the New Year. So if you are a fan of these parks all over the year, let’s start this New Year with a bang in your favorite Amusement park. A great place to go with your family as it will not only start your New Year lovely but will be a grand gift to the children of your family as well. So have a amazing New Year’s eve at the Amusement Park of your choice. Do not mistake it as just rides and the similar daily activities, on New Years it offers a lot more than that.

3. Concert

Are you a big fan of singers and musicians? Start your new year with them then. Watch out if any of your favourite musicians or singers are playing in any of the concerts during the New Year. If yes, then go for it. Book your tickets for your family and friends as well. Have a rocking New Year with your dear ones and your favorite artists.

2. Clubs

It doesn’t matter if you are not so much in love with the nature when it comes to celebrating New Year. You can still make it the best. If you like loud music and people shouting along with it, club is the right place for you. Choose out of hundreds of clubs who organize special parties for the New Year’s Eve and plan the best New Year for you. Choose the most happening club according to your interests and don’t forget to take your friends with you to add on the fun. You will definitely want the New Year to start with a bang and this is all you need.

1. Beach side

What can be better than a beach side to spend the New Year’s Eve? Probably, nothing. Beachside is some where you can have fun with the water splashing on your feet, dance on the land while enjoying the fresh air at the same time. In short, the perfect combination of air, land and water. A perfect weather is the bonus. You can also arrange for some rocking music to dance on its tune and can enjoy the sky lightening with fireworks. So, you cannot deny it being the best place to spend your new years eve 2012.

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