Top 10 Cutest and the Hottest Tennis Players Female

Tennis Players : Tennis players have always been the center for the attraction. Now here in this section, I have illustrated the list of the cutest tennis players of the present era.  This game is the combination of confidence, concentration with some ultimate power to be the best.  As it comes to the sport, there are the players who not only have shocked the world with their game but also have charmed and allured them with their cuteness, sex-appeal, beauty. The list continues as :-


10.) Venus Williams, USA

She may not be the best from the flower bed or can be called as the prettiest but the over all appeal in her is just too good. She can make the hearts thump fast. Not only showing her talents in the game, she is competitor to the rest of the beauties of the game regarding her charm and sensuality. Her curvy and sporty body with her amazing smooth skin, she is at number 10 in the list.


9.) Dinara Safiana, Russia

The Russian masterpiece and beauty might not be the best for the game but her ultra-amazing charm and color makes her outstanding. Many might not be knowing about her but in fact she is the queen of many hearts. But to all to mention, she is very competitive, be it her game or her looks. A very cute baby face girl, and her humbleness outcasts her character innocence. She is at number 9 in the list.


8.) Dominika Cibulkova, Slovakia

The Slovakian girl is the present rising star of Tennis. A very young in age that is only 19 and perhaps that she won’t be allowed to drink even 😛 . She is in the list of best baby looking star of tennis. Recently was reported dating Gael Monfilis, A French Tennis Player. Anyways, not being personal, she is the fantasy of many ones.


7.) Elena Dementieva, Russia

Russians have always the charm in her face and this girl is also from Russia. Currently ranked number 4 in the Tennis, Elena Demenetieva is the ultimate beauty for which anyone can fall. She is very consistent and always carves a way for her uproots. My best of luck for the girl and this beauty will mesmerize the crowds for coming years. In the list of cute players she is at number 7.


6.)  Serena Williams

Being the top at the seed in the rankings, she is not only the best in the games but has proved her beauty and fashion status in the world as well. She is said to have one of the perfect girly body. Almost fleshy and too curvy her body, she is noticeable to everyone. She is the forefront of the tennis. She is just too amazing at game and  if considered out, she is marvelous. So if you just want to have a look, just Google her up.


5.) Sania Mirza

This Indian sexy bombshell was the dreamy girl of many ones, until she got married to Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Mallik. Blessed with a perfect figure and dressing sense, she looks sensual and too cute that to be adored. Any model can get hands on her for a career in modeling. Need not to mention, good at game, she is just too smart and intelligent as well.


4.) Ashley harkerload, USA

The American charm lady, is the first lady at the covers of Playboy Spread. Not only having her boost in tennis, she is the uprising star of tennis. She is totally glamorous and her dressing on play or off play, is just alluring and can give anyone a feeling of sensuality. If not to believe my words, just have a Google search for the lady and you will believe yourself. She is at number 4 in the list of hottest and the cutest players.


3.) Maria Sharapova, Russia

As been already mentioned, Russians have always been alluring and same saying goes with Maria Sharapova. Not only proving herself in the field of game but in the modelling and fashion also. She can be said to be combination of Beauty with brain and talent. She has an advantage of her height and extremely high attractive sex appeal in her. I guess, if tennis awards for the best and the cutest should be given, it should be undoubtedly given to RUSSIA for producing so many cute and talented players.


2.) Jelena Jankovic, Serbia

This Serbian girl and the picture here says all about her descriptions. She is amazingly hot. Along with her playing talent and beauty with cuteness, she is enough to attract anyone to herself. Anyone watching her play, won’t ever lose a sight of her, no matter who is playing better? . In recent games, she has improved her playing as well and has been in the list of many eyes and concern. She is at number 2 in the list for the concerned.


1.) Ana Ivanoic, Serbia.

Another Serbian in the list and the top of the list is Ana Ivanoic. No matter, whether she knows to play or not but the main thing that can come across to anyone is that ” What is she doing in tennis, she should be in movies.” Anyone having her first sight wonders the same. With her ultimate cuteness and beauty appeal, she is the number 1, the cutest player of all time. The rest can be depicted from her pics in here. So the wait is over, adore them, love them and above all, Respect them.


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