Top 10 Cities with Exotic & Hot Nightlife

We all love to do adventure in our lives. Life seems boring without adventures in it. One among the most known adventure which is very common among all the youngsters is night out. Every youngster wants to have a fun loving and venturing night outs.  Night out is not just about roaming out of your house for the whole night. In fact it is about the venture you get to experience. It is all about experiencing night life. In many countries they get to encompass many things like night clubs, bars, discos which is considered to be the part of night life. You can have an exciting and adventurous night out at such places along with your best buddies to enjoy the life at its fullest. So here we have the list of top 10 places which are said to have the best nightlife.


10. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is the place located in Mexico and is said to be the best spring breaker. Youngsters from all around the world come to experience the fun and adventure of Cabo San Lucas. The fun and adventure of the place is directly related to the shots of tequila. With the shots of tequila people completely lose all the problems and veins of life and enjoy the music and the environment. The environment of the place is quiet wild.  it makes people of forget all their problems and gives them a wild pleasure.

9. Moscow, Russia

Moscow is another place with exotic nightlife, which is located in Russia. The nightlife of Moscow is about doing all the things which are somewhat sinful. The cash is solely splash on the Vodka shots. You might find some kind of inconvenience since they have a strict face-control policy in Moscow.  But the place is worth facing such kind of inconvenience  If you entered once you would not even remember about this policy. The dance floor is quite inspiring, even noon dancers get to dance on it. It is all about forgetting everything and just enjoying the excitement of the place. The site of the restaurant before the dance floor is just beautiful. There is not a single chance of one getting bored there. The clubs provide an extreme adventure. You can even take a glance at the strip club to enjoy the night with Russian beauties.

 8. New York City, New York

New York city is the place which is never sleeps. All the bars, resorts and clubs open throughout the day. The place follows a very unique culture and you will experience that the trend of the city is quite diverse in America. The nightlife at the place is not just about the club, the place also encompasses exotic restaurants. Time square is the place which is famous for the stunning shows that are being performed there. It is all about getting high with the shots of alcohol.

 7.Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the place located in Ireland. The place is very famous for alcohol oriented leisure’s. The place is certainly expensive, but the money spend is worth the enjoyment you experience there. The place has thousand of night clubs, bars and pubs. The famous places of the city are Temple Bar, this area encompasses thousands bars and pubs. Also along with the pubs you will experience the feel of Rugby match and can enjoy with the members of the team. Additionally Irish music will take you to another level giving you the immense pleasure. If you are like to go to the places which are much civilized then Dublin s not the place for you. The dancing inspired at the place resembles the dance of the characters named Jack and Rose in Titanic

6. Miami, Florida

Miami is the place situated in Florida. The place is considered to be a hot spot for having fun and liveliness. The place believes that change is a must and so they get to change the appearances and ambience frequently. The place is quite fashionable and stylish. Celebrities from all over the world prefer Miami. The clubs and bars are located at the south beaches and the natural beauty of the beaches is enhanced by the fun of high pulsing music and dancing. Skybar is considered t o be the hottest spot in Miami.

5. London, United Kingdom

London in United Kingdom is also the place which incorporates the best nightlife. The place is quite fashionable. In swish south Kensington, Boujis is said to be the best place for clubbing. The local celebrities can also be traced at this place. The food available there is pretty good and so the place is quite favorable for the people having good appetite.

4. Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is the place which is also counted as one among the best place for night outs and is located in Holland. Besides this the place has a very nice and unique architecture. Drugs being the major thing is used everywhere. They have cakes and other stuff filled with drugs to facilitate you in the intake of drugs in different ways.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is located in Brazil. The nightlife of this place is incomplete without sex. It is all about doing everything which you have not experienced before. The place has dark night clubs which incorporated horizontal dancing of passionate dancers. The rule of the place is to drink, flirt and dance. The place is not much expensive like others. One can enjoy the whole night with a little amount of money. Night parties are enjoyed in small bars and streets and beaches.

2. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is the second most famous place in case of nightlife. The site of the place is just amazing. The place is remarkable island and is located at the shore of Spain. The clubs have renowned DJs who can even make the non dancers dance on the dance floor. The place is said to be an ideal place for holidays and people move there in large bulks to spend their vacations. The Island is not just decorated with the artificial beauty of clubs and resorts; in fact the place has its own natural beauty which is enhanced by rustic architecture of the place. The names of the most famous clubs of Ibiza are Amnesia, Space, Privilege and also Pacha.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the best place in the world when the point comes to nightlife. People all around the world experience an exotic Nightlife in Las Vegas. Bachelor’s party is the most celebrated party out there. People specially go to Las Vegas to celebrate their bachelor’s party. Las Vegas has touched the peak in every field whether it is stripping or drinking. In spite the place is expensive enough; people in large bulks go there to spend for their freedom. All the clubs casinos and discos are located in the Nevada desert. All these places are considered to be the heart of this Nevada desert.

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