Top 10 Best Silent Movies of India

Silent movies is the introduction of movies in this world in which a film is produced with no recorded sound and no dialogues. In this dialogues are directed through the actions or we simply say it as a mime where story is explained by mere actions. The production of silent films started in early 20th century. These were mostly produced in English and regional languages in different genres such as mythological, historical, folklores and fantasies. For them music and dance have been the main medium for entertainment. The first silent movie was directed by Dada Sahab Phalke in 1913 marathi movie named Raja Harishchandra. Here are some famous silent movies produced by some famous directors in different languages.

10.  Bilat Ferat

This is first movie based on love story theme which started never ending trend of love scenes and romance and considered to be first Indian love story. This Bengali movie is produced by one of the famous actor of that time by DN Ganguly in 1921 and he himself acted in this movie. Bilat Ferat means foreign returned during that time foreign generally is referred to England. Being a first straight forward and bold movie of incorporating realistic love scenes it was difficult to set the mind set of Indian people but still this movie hit the box office.

9.  Bhakt Vidur

Till now Indian movies has been transformed into full film industry. This movie comes under the banner of Kohinoor Film Co. and directed by D N Sampat in 1921. This movie is considered to be one of the famous mythological movies which depict one of the chapters of Mahabharata. This movie clearly throws light on the rivalry fight between Pandavas and Kauravas.

8.  Prem Sanyas

This movie is the indo-european production as it is based on the life of Indian and produced by eastern corporation in the year 1925. This movie clearly depicts the blend of Indian culture and western techniques as the role of actor is performed by Indian famous actor Himanshu Rai as Siddhartha Gautama and her actress Seeta Rani. In 2001, this movie was again restored by European channel cultural arte.

7.  Lanka Dahan

This malayalam movie is again based on a mythological theme in 1917 produced and directed by famous Dada Saheb Phalke. This is the first Indian box office hit movie in which the roles of actor and actress was played by same character named A Salunke. This movie is based on the narrative of Sita abduction by Ravan one of the most important episode of epic Ramayana. Due to this reason and through acting this movie hit the film industry of that time.

6.  Keechaka Vadham

It is a Tamil movie produced and directed by R Nataraja Mudaliar and also first south movie in 1918. This movie is being shot in five weeks and after its critical and commercial success, Nataraja created history. His movie is again based on the epic Mahabharata. This movie also earned more from others of that time.

5. Pati Bhakti

This is the first movie of that time which was involved in the controversy of having item dance in the movie on the other hand showing obscene scenes which was not appropriate for people of that time. Censorship Board also objected on this. This movie is directed by J J Madan in 1922 who come up with the theme of wives depicted by actress Patience Cooper who advocates that women should be devoted to their husbands. This theme greatly influenced the society and made Patience one of the best actress.

4. Gopal Krishna

This is another master piece of V Shantaram which was directed in 1929. This movie is based on the life of god Krishna and traces childhood Krishna. Being based on the Indian god this movie is totally a depiction of real life instances which give knowledge to audience to know about Indian god. Thus this movie has religious and musical feelings. To represent the conflict between India and British it has hindu mythology excerpts.

3. Devdas

This movie is a complete blend of Bengali culture and sensibilities where Devdas is the actor who loves one girl but he doesn’t got married as a result of that he started drinking and get involved in another girl. This movie is directed by Naresh Mitra in 1928 and is the total adaptation of Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay novel.

2. Shakuntala

This movie is inspired from a novel named Kalidas which can be called as simple love story and it is a tamil south movie. Suchet Singh has directed this movie in the year 1920 being a foreign learner he has included various western techniques also and directed this movie with a liberal mind set. It is not total copy of the novel but director has worked on the script and added some new and different facts in the movie.

1.Raja Harishchandra

This is a first full length featured movie produced and directed in 1913 by Marathi icon Dada Saheb Phalke. This movie is based on the legend life of Raja Harishchandra recounted in the epic Mahabharata and Ramayana. This movie have only male characters as during that time it was not considered good for women to work so even female characters role was performed by men only. The art and style of this attracted Phalke very much.

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