Top 10 Best Salman Khan Movies

Salman khan, born 27 December 1965 is among the Four Khans of the Bollywood; he made his big real debut with the movie “maine pyaar kiya”, which was a massive hit at the box office; khan entered the phase of stardom soon after his first movie was released.  This bad boy of Bollywood was rated as the best looking man in India and 7th best looking man in the world by a Magazine; apart from being a film artist, he has hosted the TV show “dus ka dum”, which was very popular and has hosted the reality show “big boss” as well.

Salman is the icon of fashion all over India; he brings on a new trend in every movie and that trend is followed by the entire India. Salman is very fond of living on the edges. He is loved, adored, enchanted, appreciated, relished and adulated by all; the youngsters sprinkle their souls upon this bad boy of Bollywood. Salman has had linked up with a number of women yet his marital status is still single. Salman has received 35 awards up till now.

Salman has invested more than 80 movies in Bollywood; his every new movie seems to be better than the last one. The ten best movies produced by Salman Khan are:


“har dil ju pyaar karega” Is a romantic comedy directed by Raj Kanwar; the movie was released in 2000 staring Salman khan with Rani Mukherji and Preity Zinta. This is the story of two best friends Pooja and Janvi; Pooja tries to commit suicide after her boy friend ditches her, a young career oriented actor (Raj) saves her and takes her to her hospital where Pooja’s family confuses him with Pooja’s husband as Pooja has eloped to marry her boyfriend. Pooja on the other hand drops into a coma as an aftermath of the accident; meanwhile Janvi figures out the truth about Raj. Raj and Janvi fall for each other, when Pooja wakes from the coma and figures out what Raj has done to save her from humiliation she falls for him too. The story revolves around the sisterly love of two best friends who stands for each other’s happiness.


“Hello brother” was released in 2000; it is a comedy directed by Sohail Khan. Starring Salman Khan with Rani Mukhraji and Sohail Khan, “hello brother” is a story of an innocent local delivery guy who is in love with his neighbor, a girl named Rani; what hero doesn’t know is that his boss is using him to deliver drugs, when hero finds out about this, his boss kills him. Hero’s heart is then donated to a police officer Vishal who himself is working on the drug case and gets injured. The twist begins when hero’s soul is yet not ready to leave and remains on the earth so that he can get his revenge from his boss, the amazement starts when Vishal who is deeply in love with Rani finds out that he is the only how can see and communicate with hero’s ghost.


“chori chori chupke chupke” is an highly emotional movie which was released in 2001; directed by Abbas Burmawala and Mustan Burmawala and starring Salman Khan with Rani Mukhraji and Preity Zinta. This is the story of happily married couple Raj and Priya, when Priya gets pregnant for the first time she has an accident which leaves her unfertile. Priya advices Raj to consider the idea of surrogate childbirth; Raj arranges a prostitute (madhu) who has agreed to give birth to Raj’s child for money. When Madhu gets pregnant she gets highly emotional as she meets raj’s family and understands the true meaning of being a mother and having a family. She is now having second thoughts about giving up her baby.


“Partner” is a romantic comedy starring Govinda and Salman Khan. Released in 2007 and directed by David Dhawan “partner” was one of the biggest hit given by Salman. This was his first hit after “tere naam”. In this movie Khan plays the role of a love guru named Prem, who unwillingly agrees to help a clumsy middle class man who is deeply in love with his Boss Priya. When Prem himself falls in love with a single mother journalist, he faces many complications as she doesn’t approve of Prem’s profession.  This movie was the biggest block buster movie of the year 2007 and did business of more than 100 crores

6. VEER:

“Veer” released in 2010 is an action movie starring Salman khan with Zarmeen Khan. In this movie the director Anil Sharma has captured some portion of Indian history from the decades of the British rule. Veer was a historical hero who played a great part to gratis India from the rule of British. The movie is a tribute to “Veer” who lost his life fighting for India, to add a bit spice a love story has been added; Veer fall in love with a girl whose father is puppet of the British. Although the film couldn’t do much business but still if you are a Salman Khan fan, the movie is a MUST for you

5. BIWI NO 1:

“Biwi no 1” is a dramatic and emotional Movie; the film was released in 1999 and was directed by David Dhawan. Starring Salman khan with Sushmita Sen and Karishma Kapoor, this is the story of a happily married guy with two children, “Prem” out of lust falls for a model and leaves his wife. Later he realizes what a mistake he has made when he sees that the girl is nothing compared to her wife.


“Tere naam” is a romantic movie which was directed by Satish Kaushik. The movie was released in 2003, starring Salman khan with Bhumika Chawla, “tere naam” is an epic love story which has successfully won the heart of the viewers. Salman plays the role of a goon who falls in love with a regular low class girl who happens to be the daughter of a Priest; Salman cannot have to girl because she happens to be engaged to someone else. Salman which surrounded by anger and agony at the moment gets a serious head injury, which is when the girls realizes that she loves him but fate is not with them.


Directed by Sanjay Lela Bansari and starring Salman khan, Ashwariya Rai and Ajay Devgan, “hum dil de chuke sanam” is an emotional, musical and romantic movie. Sameer played by Salman khan has come to India to study Music; there he falls in love with Nandani who is his music teacher’s daughter. When everyone finds out about the affair Sameer is sent back to his country and Nandani is forced into a marriage. Vanraj, Nandani’s husband when finds out that his wife is in love with another man, he takes Nandani to Italy to reunite her with Sameer. The film received more than 30 awards including the best movie award at Filmfare and IIFA.


“Maine pyar kiya” is a legendary movie directed by directed by Sooraj R.Barjatya. Starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree the movie was released in 1989. The movie start when Suman, daughter of a poor man and Prem who belongs to a very rich family fall in love. However they are later separated due the difference of the class. Prem doesn’t accept this and follows Suman to her Village and starts working as a labor in order to prove his love.  The film won the best movie award including 5 other awards at Filmfare.


“Dabangg” is one of the best movies ever released in the history of Bollywood. The film was released in 2010 starring Salman khan, Sonkashi Sinha and Arbaaz Khan. Action, romance, drama, music, this movie is bestowed with everything. The item song “munni” laid down the foundation of item songs in Bollywood. This movie was the 4th project in the history of Indian film industry to do the highest business. Dabangg is the story of a Police officer whose relation is not every good with his step brother and step father. After the death of his mother he becomes helpless and goes out to fulfill his duties as a big brother and a Son. Dabangg was a hit worldwide and won 6 awards at Filmfare including the best movie award, 10 awards at IIFA, nine at Zee Cine Awards and 7 Screen Awards.


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