Top 10 Best Rated IMDB Movies of 2012.

IMDb stands for internet movie database. It is a online database that keeps informations about films, actors, television programs and rate them for there work. Its ratings are very much popular and world wide excepted. This service was started in 1990 and in 1998 it was taken by and  slowly the number of its users have increased to 100 million.  All the movies are rated by IMDb on a scale of 10 depending upon various factors decided by them.

Like every year, in 2012 it rated all the movies accordingly and here I am with the list of top 10 best rated movies of 2012. Hope you must have watched all of them or are planning to watch them.

10.  Men In Black  3 :

It is a American 3-D science fiction comedy movie directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. It released in May. It is the third film of the Men In Black series. In this there are three   MIB agents taht works together to accomplish any task. The movie received a lot of applauses from critics and also public and was successful at  the box office with a world wide gross of over $621 millions.

Its IMDb rating is 7.3.

 09. The Words :

The Words is a thriller film written and directed by Brain Klugman. It released in the month of January.

It was successful film at the box office and got appreciation from both critics and public for its good story and suspense

Its IMDb rating is 7.5.

08. Prometheus :

It is a science fiction movie, directed by Ridley Scott. It released  in month of June. It was a box office success with a total box office income of  $330 million .

In this movie a team tries to know about the origin of mankind and for this  they goes on a mission that ultimately  leads them to the darkest corner of the Universe.

Its IMDb rating is 7.5.

07.  The Amazing  Spider-Man :

The Amazing Spider-Man is a film based on Spider-Man who an American super hero. It was directed by Marc Web. This film is the film of the Spider-Man series.It released in the month of JULY.

Its IMDb rating is 7.6.

The budget of the film was 230 million. It received a lot of appreciation at least  from the Spider -Man fans.

06. The Expendables 2 :

The Expendables 2 is an American action film which is directed by Simon West. The story was written by Richard Wenk and Sylvester Stallone. The story is based on a story by Ken Kaufman, David Agosto and Wenk.  This  movie is the sequel of the movie The Expendables, which was also a action film released in 2010. The movie released in the month of August all over the world.

Its IMDb rating is 7.7.

The film has received a good amount of appreciation and is still running successfully and more over its video game version was  released in  July this year which helped it to get some publicity.

I think it is must watch movie for those who love action and fight.

05. Lawless :

It is a prohibition era gangster film directed by John Hillcoat.  The movie is based on the published popular book  “The wettest country in the world”.

It came on the  earth in May.

Its IMDb rating is 8.2.

The film is full with action and suspense and attracted a lot of public towards it.  The movie did a very good bushinesses at the box office earning way above its budget.

04. Moonrise Kingdom :

Moonrise Kingdom is a romantic comedy which is directed by Wes Anderson. It released in May. Its story is quite interesting and it received good comments from public.

The IMDb rating is 8.3.

The budget of the movie was $16 million but it got a good box office collection  .

 03. Gangs of Wasseypur :

It is a Bollywood hit movie directed by Anurag  Kashyap which is based on Indian crime. The story is  revolves around crime, power and politics. It is a set to two films which released one after another in months of July and August. It was very successful at the box office with a total box office collection of more than $5 million which is more than three times its budget.

Its IMDb rating is 8.6.

02. The Avengers  :

The Avengers was the film based on an american super hero.  It was scripted  and directed by Joss Whedon, it was produced by Marvel Studios and was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Its IMDb rating  is 8.6.

After its production it was converted to 3-D. The movie released in the month of April all over the world. The film received a lot of appreciation from critics and public  all over the world. The movie made 25 box office records which included the record of  biggest opening  weekend in North America  and also the record of  fastest film to gross  $1 billion worldwide.   With a total worldwide gross of  over  $1.5 billion.  The Avenger ranks as the third highest grossing film ever.

01. The Dark Knight Rises : 

The Dark Knight Rises is a film based on superhero Batman.  This movie was the sequel of the movie “The Dark Knight” which was released in 2008.

Its IMDb rating is 8.8.

This movie is directed by Christopher Nolan and was released in month of July all over the world.  The film was a great success at the box office and received a lot positive reviews. The total collection of the movie has gone over $900 millions in just a month and is still running successfully.  And the budget of the movie was $250 million.

The Dark Knight Rises is the 22nd highest earning film of all time and also the 2nd highest grossing film of 2012.


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