Top 10 Best Lifestyle Magazines in India

We all know everything about lifestyle magazines. Lifestyle magazines are the magazines which are concerned to the lifestyle of the people. There are a lot of magazines which can be included in the list of lifestyle magazines, eg a lot of men’s and women’s magazines falls in lifestyle category. Moreover many magazines based on topics like decorating, culture, tourism, fashion, leisure and health & fitness are also considered as lifestyle magazines. People read lifestyle magazines to know more about everything. The people who are concerned of their health goes for health and fitness magazines whereas people interested in celebrities  go for men’s and women magazines. People also use these magazines to improve the quality of life they are living by grapsing the knowledge from the magazines hence the magazines are very important. Some of the famous international lifestyle magazines are Wired, Real Simple, The Economist, etc. Well we at thought that as mainly our readers are from India so we should make them familiar to the best of Indian Lifestyle magazines and hence we have brought for you top 10 lifestyle magazines of India. So first check them out and later on read them out.

10.)Indian Life & style                                                           

Indian Life & Style is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to the Indian American community. The magazine generally features business, society and bollywood. The magazine also features the topics like style, beauty and newsmakers. The magazine also issues a monthly e-newsletter. The content quality of the magazine is quite good and hence is very popular throughout the country.

9.)Models N Trends

Models N Trends, as the name suggests the magazine is really based on fashion and modelling but hey stop…., its not just only a fashion or modelling magazine but it also provides endeavour for the people who consider fashion as passion and also to the aspirants. The magazine is full of fun, fame, films and fashion. Moreover the magazine provides a number of products on its website.

8.)Soul Curry

Soul Curry is a lifestyle magazine which is dedicated to new age modern man to help him to enjoy his life at fullest. The magazine makes reader to see things with a new vision and helps an individual to understand his mind, body and inner & outer consciousness. It helps people to get free from the clutches of societal conditionings, dogmas, religion and wishes.

7.)Time n Style

Time n Style is a premier lifestyle magazine which is dedicated to the jewellery, watches and luxury. Being published by The Times Group the magazine provides the reader with high value acquisition of its contents. The magazine discusses all the aspects of watchmaking and always discusses all the new innovations and developments in the field. It is said to be showcasing with the international world of timekeeping.


Oomph! is a lifestyle magazine which is published quarterly. The magazine features lifestyle, trends, awards, garments, retail, apparel and fashion. The various parts provided in the magazine deals with fashion, beauty and health, sex and love, food, entertainment, shows and places. The quality of the articles is too good and hence Oomph is one of the most read Indian lifestyle magazine.

5.)Lifestyle Lounge

Lifestyle Lounge is an online lifestyle magazine. The magazine features the latest lifestyle news from all over the world. Moreover Lifestyle Lounge provides reader with useful management tips which are related to lifestyle. These tips can upscale the lifestyle of a person in a really great way. The magazine also features festivals, party ideas, Horoscope, pets, finance and figures of speech and hence is one of the most famous magazines.

4.)Sensationz Media & Arts Pvt. Ltd

You can consider it as one of the most precise lifestyle magazines which are published in India. Its an English international magazine which is published monthly. The content of magazine is hi end lifestyle and the magazine is priced at just Rs 50 whereas it contains a total of 100 pages. The contents of the magazine cater it to the upper level of the society from all over the world.

3.) Mens XP- Online Magazine

Mens-XP is an online lifestyle magazine for men. It was the first ever men’s lifestyle portal and is one of the leading men’s magazine. Its great articles and contents solidifies it as an authoritative voice of the lifestyle for men. Many publications throughout the country consider Mens XP as one of the hottest destination present online. The magazine provides you with the tips like what to wear, fashion tips and the whole dressing sense. Moreover it helps with your dating.

2.)Celeb Mirror

Celeb Mirror is a lifestyle magazine which provide its user with real time Indian paparazzi show of the Indian celebs, Wether they are from Kollywood, Tollywood or from the most prestigious stage of them all that is bollywood. It provides the best news about celebs in India. Moreover it provides news related to the fields of Sports and fashion. You can get all the parties and activities from their site. Due to the great quality of data provided from the magazine it is the second best lifestyle magazine of India.


Well the name needs no introduction. It provides its readers with smart tips and info about living. The main concerns of the magazine are food, health, travel, fashion, beauty, buzz, blogs, videos, clothing, relationship advice, bmore, blogs and spotlight. Moreover Femina have been the main sponsor of the Miss India competition for many years. It is one of the most read magazines of India.

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