Top 10 Best Eminem Tracks of all time

Marshall Bruce Mathers III better known by his stage name Eminem, is not unheard of for music lovers and rap fanatics who probably worship him. Since his major label debut album The Slim Shady LP, the artist has taken the industry by storm winning 13 Grammies and selling over 90 million albums worldwide. Eminem is the best selling artist of the decade even when he was out of the scene retired for four years. Eminem though surrounded by controversies for his explict content and  feuds in the music business, is still sky high in the industry today regarded as the King of Hip-Hop by many. It is very difficult to point out his major 10 tracks without many arguing on the matter but we did the best we could to narrow them down. Undoubtbly the story teller, Eminem is one of the greatest artist ever and here we have 10 of his top tracks on our today’s list of Top 10 Eminem Tracks.

10. My Name Is

This is one of the records hugely responsible launching Eminem’s career in the music industry. Marked on #2 of VH1’s Greatest Songs of the 90’s and #1 on Q Magazine’s 1001 Best Songs Ever this 1999 record breaking hit enjoyed number one spot one billboards all over the world. Though overshadowed by his many great tracks later in his career, this remains one of the prominent records of his career.

9. The Way I Am

This is where Eminem lets out his raw anger towards the industry, media, critics and his own fans. Shady never hesitates to spit his true feelings no matter the consequences and he openly expresses his frustration and with his blunt lyrics in this track. Argueably this one of the most prefferred tracks by his fans with Eminem being genuinely himself.

8. Like Toy Soldiers

In the world of Hip-Hop where from “Pac” to “Biggie”, its history is bloodstained and has not changed ever-since. Eminem comes with an unexpected approach pleading to end this feud that exists among rappers even after the recording session. Most of the disses that they say on record might prove to be fatal for them as the grudge does not end with the track, this is one of the historic songs in the genre where Eminem asks to end this war so that no more blood is shed and no more lives are lost.

7. Mockingbird

Its not very often that we see this side of the artist who makes most of his songs dissing and cursing people making fun of them. This is a much serious track where Eminem shows his love for his daughters and the remorse of losing the family he once had. Visualized with the artist’s home videos of his daughter with his former wife proir to his fame and success, it is a sad success story with his popularity backfiring on his family and relationships.

6. The Real Slim Shady

This is one of the tracks responsible for his success in the music industry and popularity among fans. This hit single is from his album The Marshall Mathers LP which won him a Grammy. This is one of those tracks where Eminem is in his mischevious mood making fun of other artists openly along with his own crew. This track is still loved by his fans and always is hillarious to watch.

5. Love the way you lie

Right after his much awaited comeback to the music industry, Eminem dropped this massive hit track featuring Rihanna with Megan Fox on the official video. This utterly addictive track made Eminem hugely popular even outside the genre lovers and was the most popular record of the year as well. You don’t have to be a fan of Hip-Hop to say that you are in love with this song.

4. Sing For The Moment

In this track he spits the reality of his fame and lawsuits surrounding him with. In a way he justifies his anger to the media and the government in a completely rational and direct lyrics. Without a doubt it is one of his greatest creations and most touching hip-hop tracks in the history.

3. Not Afraid

This track marks the official comeback of the greatest artist of the decade after years of retirement and rehabilitation. Eminem clearly states that no matter how beat or down he was in the past he is still capable of bouncing back. After spending 5 years out of the studio, Eminem states that his comeback in the industry is official and he is not leaving anytime soon. A much awaited blockbuster hit by his fans after retirement from the industry, Not Afraid gave them the rush they needed to start believing in their favourite artist once again.

2. Stan

A  story of a die-hard fan told by an extradinary story teller Eminem featuring British singer Dido, “Stan” remains as one of the most meaningful tracks with mesmerising lyrics backed by a well directed tragic music video. Through this track Eminem depicts a story of his extreme fan who later commits suicide along with his pregnant girlfriend after not getting reply of his letter from Eminem. The track left a significant mark in the music business with a great message to the entertainers and their admirers.

1. Lose Yourself

First hip-hop track ever to win the Academy Awards and also being the most energizing track, “Lose Yourself” never loses the adrenaline rush that listeners experience through it. Perfectly composed with supernatural rhythm and motivational lyrics, the track has this amazing flow where everyone loses themselves for a time being. One of the greatest tracks of all time in the history of music, it is undoubtbly the greatest track from this legendary Artist.

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