Top 10 Best Bowlers to Look out in T20 World Cup 2012

T-20: the shortest and the latest format of one of the most widely played and watched game, i.e is CRICKET is the most exiting format of the game and is liked by one and all. T20 world cup is one of the international event of cricket which is organised by the cricket governing body, the International Cricket Council(ICC) every two years. This tournament consists of 12 teams out of which 10 are the Full members of ICC which are automatically qualified and the rest two spots are contested by rest of the teams through the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier. The ICC T20 world cup 2012 will be  held in Srilanka from 18th Sep. to 7th Oct.  The 12 teams have been grouped in 4 groups, each group comprising of 3 teams. In the first stage of the tournament 2 teams from each group will qualify and  again these 8 qualified teams will be grouped in 2 different group for the Super Eight Stage from which 4 teams will be selected for the semis and then 2 teams for the grand finale. Each team have announced their squads. As it is a very short format of the game so batsman are the favourite here, but there are few bowlers who always comes up with some challenge for the batsman what ever may be the conditions or format. As the the tournament is being held in Asia so the slower bowlers are expected to out perform the faster ones. So here I am with the list of top 10 bowlers who are expected to produce some challenge for the batsman in this years T20 World Cup


He is a England offspin bowler, who is known for is variations. He is a very quality bowler with different types of variation in balls that include:  one that goes the other way and the straighter one which doesn’t deviates from its line. He gives a very good loop in his deliveries and the the batsman are trapped in that. He has got great success at the T20’s and is expected to do well in the srilanka in the T20 World Cup.


This Pakistani all-rounder is too good with the cricket ball in his hand. He has converted him self into a quality bowler who always gives a wicket or two to the captain. At times he balls very slower balls and the very next ball he can ball a very quicker one which gives some troubles to the batsman. He can also spin the ball a quite long way at times. Due to his wicket taking ability and loads of experience he is expected to give a good performance in the T20 world cup.


This New Zealand bowler has a loads of experience which will certainly help him to give a great performance for his team in the T20 World Cup. As the tournament is being held in Srilanka it will certainly help the  slower baller and Vettori is certainly going to use his skills and experience to come out with some thing great.


This Pakistani cricketer is a real fighter and bowls his heart out.  He is well known for his Yorkers and slower deliveries which are quite useful in the T20s. He is a slog-over specialist and puts a hold on the scoring rate of the batting team in the last few overs which is very important in the T20s.


Know as STEN GUN, this South African bowler is one of the best of his kind. For a long time he was rank 1 in ICC ranking and still he is among the top bowlers of the world. He bowls at a very fast speed with a great accuracy and that is why he is very dangerous irrespective of the playing conditions and the format of the game.


He is a Bangladeshi cricket, known for his accurate bowling. He always bowls with accuracy and batsman have to do some thing different to score of him and that’s what makes him a wicket taker bowler .


He is a deadly srilankan bowler, who has a unique style of bowling  with a slinking bowling action. He is slog over specialist and delivers  a very good slower and Yorkers. His slow balls and Yorkers are delight to watch. He is a the main bowler of srilankan team and with the crowd support and years of experience, he is expected to fire in the T20 world cup.


This Indian spinner is slowly but surely making a mark in the cricking world. He has lots of variations in his bowling that causes some problem to the best of the batsman’s. He is a T20 specialist and is even used as the opening bowler by his captain.  He always delivers when the condition demands and takes wickets at the right time. With a lot of experience in the IPL T20 tournament and the good recent performance he is expected to come up to the expectation of the team and his fans in the T20 world cup.


A brilliant bowler whose mystery continues and still the best of the batsman’s are unable to read his deliveries.  He was a great success in the recent concluded IPL in India.  Apart from taking wickets regularly he also keeps the scoring rate on a hold and gives away very few runs. On his day he can easily win the match for his team single handed. So with his recent performance and great skills he is expected to give the batsman a hard time in the T20 world cup in lanka.


He is a Pakistani star who has troubled the best batsman in world on a number of occasions.  He is also one of those bowler whose mysterious balls have not been decoded yet. In present time he considered one of the best spin bowler of the world and this also reflects in his ICC ranking for the bowlers where he has been dominating. So he is one of the bowler who is sure to perform exceptionally well in the T20 and in this the conditions will certainly help him to which he is quit familiar with.




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