Top 10 best Bollywood Critics and Reviewers

I am sure a lot us love cinema, specially Indian Ciema. The films and movies, the actors and actresses and everything else seem so fascinating. When a movie releases, we rush to book a ticket in theatres but before that what common thing we all do is to check what the critics has to say about that particular movie. There are a lot of eminent and talented critics and journalists for Indian Bollywood Industry who gained appreciation and respect worldwide. They work really hard to get to each and every detail about the films to present a real image of the Indian Bollywood in front of the nation. They bring inner stories to us by using their relationship with the stars.

10, Mayank Shekhar:

He is a journalist, an author and at the same time, a Bollywood critic. He has worked as a National Cultural Editor and a Film Critic at the newspaper Hindustan Times. He started his career as a journalist for Mumbai Mirror and MiD DAY. At the official portal of Hindustan Times, he is the one who used to write the blog, Fad for Thought. Presently, his reviews are also being published in Daily Bhaskar and on the website

9. Janhvi Patel:

She is a critic on the website “” and also for StarBox Office. She is a renowned critic and StarBoxOffice is a big name everyone knows. Her critic and review are read widely and she gained popularity due to her journalism. though she never got trained for bollywood her passion for cinema takes her here.

8.  Sonia Chopra:

She is the Film Crtic and Entertainment Journalist at since the year 2007 and also some of the other companies. She is also the creative Writing Coach at Brewind Words since 2006. She also was a Senior Correspondent for the leading newspaper Times of India.

7. Khalid Mohamed:

This great personality entered this industry as a journalist, editor, screen-writer, and a Film Director. He currently writes for Hindustan Times. He was also the editor of Film fare Magazine. He directed and wrote many famous super-hit movies like TehZeeb, Tareekh, Fiza and Silsilay. Being a superub director and writer, currently he also pursues journalism and is a critic for Indian Films.

6. Derek Bose:

He is a popular author as well as a journalist and has expertise in Bollywood industry. He has worked as a senior editor at Indian Express and Press Trust of India. Not only in India, but her work is being published worldwide in ‘Screen International’ (USA), ‘Post Natal’ (South Africa), ‘Gulf News’ (UAE), ‘Leicester Mercury’ (U.K.), and ‘New Strait Times’ (Malaysia). He is the author of many famous books like “Bollywood Unplugged: Deconstructing Cinema in Black & White”, “Bollywood Uncensored: What You Don’t See on Screen & Why”, “Sameer: A Way with Words”, “Kishore Kumar: Methods in Madness” and many more. He was honoured with ‘Rastriya Ratna’ for being the Best Indian Film Journalist in the year 2007.

5. Komal Nahta:

He is a journalist as well as an Indian Film critic. Presently, he is a critic at ETC. His writings about the various aspects of Indian Cinema makes him a renowned figure in this Industry. He owns the famous “Film Street Journal”. When he launched the magazine, all the super stars of Indian Cinema including Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan were present to add stars to official launch.

4. Anupama Chopra:

She is a journalist, a film critic and also a writer. She wrote many books based on Bollywood. Her book “Sholay: The Making of a Classic” was her first book and she has worked as a film- reviewer for India Today and also NDTV. Currently she is also the film critic for Hindustan Times. She was awarded National Film Award in the 2001 for Best Book on Cinema for her first novel. The next novel she wrote was “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge- the Bravehearted Will Take the Bride. Apart from these, she has written many books.

3. Rajeev Masand:

He is currently a reporter for CNN_IBN channel and host the show ‘To Catch a Start’ and also a critic. At a very young age of just 16 years, he was the entertainment correspondent. In the year 2003, he used to host a show named ‘Masand ki pasand’ which was a part of the channel “Star news”. Later in 2005, he chose CNN-IBN and never looked back after that. He currently runs a website which plays a non-stop video reviews series and site is famous as “Masand’s verdict”.

2. Taran Adarsh:

Taran Adarsh, son of the famous film director & producer B.K Adarsh, is a very popular Bollywood critic known today. Professionally, he is a journalist, editor, a film trade analyst and yes, a film critic. He also tried his hand as a producer and also a screen writer. He started his career as an editor of a weekly magazine, and then produced ‘Hello Bollywood’ which is bollywood-based serial written by him. And today, he is a film critic on the leading Bollywood website ‘Bollywood Hungama’ plus a journalist and trade analyst on the same website.

1. Omar Qureshi:

Omar Qureshi is the best Bollywood critic which influences people a lot. He owns a company named Omar Qureshi Entertainment Ventures Ltd. Also, he is the Editor-in-chief as well as the creative head of “Zoom TV”. Initially he was the Editor of “Stardust” which is a magazine published by Magna Publishing Company. He uses his Bollywood relationships and his expertise on Editorials and marketing makes him successful.


Kunal Guha: A Young Bollywood Film Critic who writes for Yahoo India, he has amassed huge fan following in short time and there are hundreds of thousands of people who await his review every Friday. He reviews are extremely details and fun to read and importantly are straight to the point unlike other Critics. He would tell if the film deserves 1 star or even 0 star without worrying about whose film it is or who is the lead Actor. We have kept him out of the Best Critics List for a reason, and we hope he sticks to his work with same loyalty in future.

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