Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

Many poets have said that a woman is God’s most beautiful creation. Over the decades women have used various tricks to enhance this beauty and prolong their youth. With an array of cosmetics and skin technology women have attained the ultimate charm. But many women ignore the most important part of their appearance that is their hair. A simple suitable hair style can change the entire appearance of a person. From hot to formal there are styles that suit every need of a women. Be it a party or an office meeting it is very important to have a correct hairstyle to set your fashion statement. Here are the top 10 hairstyles that suit almost any face around. Choose the one that suits you and create your signature style.


10. Curls.

In the olden days curls were not considered a fashion statement. The girls having curls were always after getting rid of them. But as fashion globalized and different countries came up with their trends curls became one of the most widely accepted fashion statement. Now girls not having curls often go to parlors to curl them up. If you have naturally curly hair then you just need to play along. Curls look more beautiful when long. Length does not allow the curls to spread out. If the hair is coarse various products are available that can help you soften them up. As far as possible leave your hair loose if its curly . Doing so is a trendy way to look smart.


9. Pony tail.

A pony is one of the most common hairstyles especially with the teenagers. It basically involves pulling your back holding them above the neck and tying them up. A great thing about pony is that it works both for short as well as long hair. The only disadvantage is that it works better when the hair has good volume which holds the hair down. In case you don’t have thick hair still love ponies you can use volumisers to bring them up. You can also try half pony to give some volume. You can also use another style on your hair that adds to volume and then go for pony tail. It works well on both personal well as formal occasions.


8. Bob cut.

Bob cut is one of the oldest hairstyles and still holds great significance in the fashion world. It simply involves cutting of hair all around the head not leaving any length  It is one of the most accepted style with office going women. It is easy to handle and maintain. It adds to the professional look. Although initially endorsed by men it is now a common style statement with women. If you find it difficult to manage your hair early morning before office this is the way out for you.


7. Long bob cut.

It is a modification of the bob cut. In the bob cut there is no length to the hair. In long bob cut the hair is cut around the head but is given some length most commonly till a little below the ear lobe. You can also add a little layers to the bob to make them trendy. It totally rocks when colored  It also can be worn on any occasion with any outfit. This is the reason long bob cut is a hairstyle in demand. If you don’t want to loose the entire length but still tired of long hair long bob cut is the choice for you.


6. Shoulder length.

This is yet another very common style statement . It goes very well with ladies who don’t like tying their hair. The hair is cut such that it just touches the shoulder or is slightly below it. To make it trendy the lower tips are bend a little to give an edge to the hair. It works amazing on party wears . Simply letting your shoulder length hair loose dos the work. You can even tie them up in pony to get the sporty look. This works very well with ladies of all ages as long as there is some thickness to the hair. If thickness is lacking try to add some layers to your haircut.


5. Long straight.

Many women prefer length when it comes to hair. If you have naturally straight hair then you are having an added advantage. Any kind of hairstyle can be tried on straight hair. But mostly preferred is to leave the long straight hair loose. Usually hair length covering the entire back is preferred. If you don’t have straight hair then you can get it done at any parlor or hair salon at a very reasonable rate. On occasions even ironing your hair a little can do the work. Long straight hair look amazing when tied in pony or when braided. You can do multiple things with your straight hair.


4. Layered hair.

Layering your hair is one of the favorite tricks used by hair stylists to add volume to thin hair or to size down extremely thick hair. The hair is divided into segments or layers and each layer is cut giving a different length. This keeps the length of the hair and as different layers are there it seems that the hair is thick and bushy. It can be used in conjugation with other hairstyles. Long straight hair can be layered to make them more manageable. Coloring layered hair with smartness can totally give a trendy style statement.


3. Long wavy.

Yet another style statement that can be used to liven up dull straight hair. A wavy hairstyle should not be confused with curls. In simpler words it can be said that waves are mild curls. The straight hair is made wavy at the edges or sometimes across the entire length of the hair. This gives a volume to the hair and also makes them look trendy. Long wavy hair can be colored to add to the style quotient. It works brilliantly on any occasion  Be it party or office it will not leave you out of place anywhere. Leave them loose or tie them up it will only add to your glamour.


2. Pixie cut.

Pixie is one of the latest trends in the fashion world. Many big celebrities are seen endorsing the pixie cut. It is a little similar to bob cut . The hair is shortened at the back of the head and on the sides. The front hair is left longer then the other areas which extend to the forehead. It can be combed back with style or pulled out to rest on your forehead to add to the glamour. It works well with women who have round face and sharp features. Tall women should not opt for pixie. The accessories should be kept minimum when you endorse a pixie cut.


1. Fishtail braided.

It is the latest trend in the fashion world. The braided fishtail is the demand of the style icons. It can be used to style your hair in the ultimate way. On one hand when pigtails are boring and blunt the fishtail is extremely stylish. It can be tied in many ways. You can use it to form a fishtail crown on your head or simply tie a fishtail braid that flaunts on your back. You can tie it lightly to add volume to the braid. After tying up the braid you can decorate it with shiners or other hair accessories. It works great on any party wear. You will be the center of attraction with that braided fishtail.

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