Top 10 Batsman To Look Out in T20 World Cup 2012

T-20: the shortest and the latest format of one of the most widely played and watched game, i.e is CRICKET is the most exiting format of the game and is liked by one and all. T20 world cup is one of the international event of cricket which is organised by the cricket governing body, the International Cricket Council(ICC) every two years. This tournament consists of 12 teams out of which 10 are the Full members of ICC which are automatically qualified and the rest two spots are contested by rest of the teams through the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier. The ICC T20 world cup 2012 will be  held in Srilanka from 18th Sep. to 7th Oct.  The 12 teams have been grouped in 4 groups, each group comprising of 3 teams. In the first stage of the tournament 2 teams from each group will qualify and  again these 8 qualified teams will be grouped in 2 different group for the Super Eight Stage from which 4 teams will be selected for the semis and then 2 teams for the grand finale. Each team have announced their squads. And as the tournament is being held in the Asia so the pitches here would be batting friendly and the matches are expected to be high scoring.  There are many batsmen who are very dangerous in this format of the game and also the condition here would suit them, So here I am with the list of 10  Batsmen who are expected to fire in this years T20 worldcup.



This young Pakistani batsman is one of the most dangerous batsman in the Pakistani squad. He is known for his devastating bating and when on song, can destroy the best bowling line up’s with ease. He has played quite a lot of T20 matches and is apt for T20 format. With a strike rate of 117.88 in T20 games he is one of the batsmen to be looked out for. And as the matches are being held in Srilanka  the pitches  would be quit similar to the ones in Pakistan and this would certainly help him.


With over 100 T20 matches (including IPL)  under his belt , he one of the most experienced  player in this format of the game. Apart from being most experienced he has also been involved in the most number of wins in T20s. He has been the captain of the  Indian Team that won the T20 World cup in 2007, under his captaincy Chennai Super kings have won twice IPL and once the Champions League, which are the T20 tournaments. He is a destructive batsman and can surprise bowlers with his  unique shots which are out of the coaching manuals. One of his unusual shot which is quite famous and effective is the HELICOPTER SHOT, which he plays quite often in t-20s.  So with a strike rate of  110.13 in T20  and the ability to hit any ball out of the park, M.S.DHONI is one of the batsman to be taken seriously by the teams in this years T20 world cup.


This young Srilankan batsman is considered the future of Srilankan cricket. He is just 23 years old but the maturity and consistence he has shown of the field is quite appreciable. He would certainly be etching to go out on the field and show his talent in front of his home crowd in the T20 world cup. So with a strike rate of 100.00 in T-20 and with the well known conditions and the crowd support, Dinesh Chandimal is expected to give some exceptional performance in the T20 world cup.


 Suresh raina is the most important player of Indian cricket team in the t20. He has quite a few records to his name in T20, some of them are: he holds the record for the most number of T20 matches played by a Indian, he is the only Indian batsman to have scored a century in International T20. The quality that makes him a dangerous T20 batsman is the ability to adapt to the condition and to play according to the demand of the game. He can switch from defensive mode to attacking mode in no time. Known for hitting huge sixes and for sending even good bowls out of the park, Suresh Raina with the strike rate of 138.68 is the player to be kept an eye on in the T20 world cup.


Shane watson is the Australian cricketer who is known for his power hitting. He opens the innings in T20 matches and tries to attack the bowler from the first ball. He is a T20 specialist and hits the ball to a long distances and makes bating look quite simple.


It is said that big things come in small packet. This Australian Batsman is a dynamite and can destroy the best attack in the world on his day.  When on song makes batting look very simple. Known for his big shots, this Australian  batsman is at the 5 th position in list.


Sehwag is the most exciting cricketer in the world. It hardly makes a difference for him whether it is a ODI, a TEST, or a T20 he plays the same way which he calls his natural game. He is the batsman who  disturbs the bowlers line length before he settles down by attacking him from the word go. He believes  in hitting boundaries rather than taking singles and twos. It doesn’t make a difference to him whether he is batting on 99 or 199 or 299 , if he gets a ball in his radar he goes for it. The T20 format is quite apt for him and if he spends 8-10 overs at the crease a good start is confirm of the team.  So with a strike rate of over 100 and the reputation of the most destructive batsman in the world, SEHWAG can be the highlight of this years T20 world cup.


 This South African cricketer is one of the finest batsman in the world at present. He is known for pacing his innings quite well and uses his mind along with his skills while bating .  He can play some glorious text book shots and at the same time   can hit the ball a long way with ease. He was very successful   in the recent concluded in IPL in indian and the condition in Srilanka would be some what similar and so  he is expected to fire there.


This Indian cricketer is presently in the form of his life.  He is a streak smart cricketer who gives a performance at the right time and wins the match for the team. He is classical batsmen who plays the shots from the coaching manual and is not known for hitting those big sixes but still he finds the second spot in this list the reason behind this is his recent form and his consistency in all the three format of the game.  He is in grove of good performance and one can bet he is going to perform in the T20 world cup in Srilanka.


This Jamaican beast is the most destructive batsman the game has seen. When he hits the cricket ball he hits it a long way. T20 is the game made for the batsman like Chris Gayle, he enjoys the game and has his own way of batting. Every one has seen what he can do in the T20 matches in the recent concluded IPL in India. So it is expected that Chris Gayle fires in this T20 world cup in the same manner as he has done in the recent concluded IPL.



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