Top 10 Ugliest Animals of the World

There are different types of animals in this world. Some are known for beauty such as Peacock some for their appearance such as Panda and some for their guarding behaviour  In this various animals are distinguished from one another in respect to the features, different breeds and functions. Nevertheless in this world there are animals which have some special features but lack in the looks and appearance as a result of it they come in the category of ugly animals. Here are some most ugliest animals.

10. Mexican Burrowing Frog

This is one of the bloated frog having red spots on his skin which is the distinguished feature of this animal. This animal lives underground and comes out during heavy rainfall and is usually found in southern Texas, Mexico, Canada till Costa Rica. This frog grows to 8cm in length followed by red stripe from front till back with small eyes and tongue directly to the front of the mouth. Being underground creature it usually eats insects only.

9. Proboscis Monkey

This ugly and awkward animal is known for its long nose thus it is also known as Dutchman as it is mostly found in Malaysia and Indonesia deriving its own native name. This type of monkey is derivative from old world monkeys and is easily identified due to its distinguished feature of long nose named as Long Nose Monkey. It is a large species of monkey having pig tail with head body length from 66 to 76.2cm and weigh till 26kg and his nose of 10cm which hangs down the mouth. They are reddish brown in color and have habitats in 16 preserved areas and they mainly consume seasonal fruits and leaves.

8. Tarsiers

Tarsiers are small animals with huge enormous eyes being its distinctive feature and making it ugly and different. These species are less in number as now all the species are found in the islands of Southeast Asia. They have elongated tarsus bones from where they got their name on the other hand their enormous eyes are of the size of 16mm in diameter which is equal to its brain size with body size ranging from 10 to 15cm in length and 20 to 25 long tails. These animals are insectivorous eating even snakes and birds as their speed is high on the other hand they can catch birds in motion also.

7. Sloths

Sloths are medium sized mammals which are two toed or sometimes three toed living on Cecropia trees. They are 50 to 60cm long and hangs upside down and they are distinguished by special feature which differentiate from other mammals That’s their hair growth is on the opposite side of the body as they grow out of extremities. They are habitats of central and south America and are omnivorous eating insects, small lizards and carrion consuming basic diet of buds, tender shoots and leaves.

6. Turkey Vulture

This is one of the most known and fears bird popular in the country of America. The mention of this bird directly focuses on its bad qualities such as greed, ruthlessness and treachery but the worst part of this bird is the face which frighten everybody with just one look. This bird is also known as John- Crow and turkey Buzzard at some places due to its piercing eyes and wrinkly neck on the other hand vulture body look challenge other species with huge pointed wings of the length 160-183cm and weigh from 0.8 till 2.3kgs. These species are mostly found in groups.

5. Vampire Bat

This bat is among the three whose food source is blood dietary trait called Hematophagy on the other hand considered to be one of the most ugliest and feared animals in western hemisphere specially in America, Chile and Argentina. They are mostly found or lives in group in complete darkness such as caves, buildings etc. They are known for their penchant smells for mammals and find their prey very quickly without being noticed by them. This is a repulsive sharp creature having huge ears and pointed teeth. Bat uses its sharp teeth to catch its victim and oozing blood and eating flesh of cows, horses, birds or even humans.

4. Komondor Dog

This dog is considered to be one of the larger common breeds of dog. Also known as Mop Dog is a large white colour Hungarian dog wearing grayish white coat of the length of 30 inches tall. By looking at the appearance this dog doesn’t seemed to be powerful but this dog is one of the powerful guardian dog which guard livestock and other property on the other hand they are quick, agile and active dogs. They basically belong from Europe and considered to be the guardian for the use of sheeps and goats.

3. Angora Rabbit

Angora Rabbit is one of the most oldest types of domestic rabbit and popular pet also originated in French in the mid 1700’s and to other parts of Europe by the end of the century. Being animal possessing long soft and hairy skin thus it is used in various manufacturing such as Angora wool which is pure and famous also. This rabbit is unique as it is allergic free on the other hand  requires and call for lot of maintenance.

2. Hagfish

This fish is eel shaped living for about 300 million years ago thus considered to be one of the living fossils at deep down the ocean. This slime producing marine animal is also known by the name Slime- eel without vertebral column and jawless. There origin and its type of species have always been the controversy on the other hand it maximum been recorded as 18 inches in length with color differentiation from pink to blue grey with black white spots.

1. Blobfish 

This is one such animal which is considered to be ugly and rarest due to its gelatinous mass present and due to its inaccessibility of its habitat. It is mostly found in the deep waters off the coasts where the pressure of water is dozen times higher than sea level. Possessing this sticky skin it requires higher amount of water due to which they always remain  under water thus named as underground creature. The lack of muscle is not bad for this animal as it helps in swallowing anything which comes in his way


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