Top 10 Ways to Make Your Child Smarter

Every parent wants to bring out the best in their children. And by best, we mean the extreme best! Because of many new published studies about genius children, it wouldn’t hurt to try to raise one yourself. Here are 10 ways on how to make your child smarter.

(10) Listen to Mozart

Years of research in the field of Psychology proves that the music of Mozart has a positive effect on children. Letting them listen to Mozart while they are still young or even when still in the womb is capable of raising their IQ.

(9) Read Stories to Your Child

Constant story time will enable your kid to expand his vocabulary in an earlier stage. Make sure you read it in different voices to also improve the creativity and scope of imagination of your little one. Make this a daily habit as this is also a good bonding activity with kids.

(8) Encourage Role Playing

One of the best games to play with a toddler is role playing. Playing pretend characters will broaden their understanding of different people and subject matters. Plus, it’s really a lot of fun, too! Try pirates, teachers, doctors, lawyers and even different kinds of animals. Only your imagination is your limit.

(7) Nurse Newborns

One of the many benefits of breast feeding is that it can raise the IQ of your children. In fact, there was a study conducted where in the verbal IQ of two sets of children were measured: one group was breastfed and the other was not. Those that were nursed got an average of 7.5 points higher as opposed to those who weren’t.

(6) Exercise

Get physical with your children. Learn to ride the bike, jog, walk the dog or engage in sports. Children also need a way to blow off steam. Physical activity will make them more relaxed and healthier, they will learn more and they get to develop a great past time as well.

(5) Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is a must. Your child needs the energy to learn the whole day. They will get higher grades if they are able to concentrate at school. Of course, don’t just provide any meal. Make sure their breakfast is complete. As much as possible, your child should be drinking milk until they grow old.

(4) Practice

There are some topics in school that they won’t get that easily. The reason why institutions encourage parents’ participation when studying at home is because children really need to get a lot of practice. Create worksheets for your child to answer at home and help them out. Repetition is one of the best ways they can improve and become smarter.

Child Smarter

(3) Brain Games

Instead of buying your child a new toy every once in a while at Toys ‘R Us, why don’t you invest on something that will make them smarter and keep them fun as well such as puzzles, crossword puzzles, riddles, chess sets and the like. They are able to develop problem solving skills and can improve strategic thinking as well.

(2) Learn Music

Though it might not be such a pleasure to hear your child strum the guitar endlessly, this sacrifice will pay off. Let them engage in music lessons and this will guarantee a better performance in school and an increase in IQ.

(1) Play Video Games

This is something that they will enjoy and you probably will, too! Video games nowadays aren’t just about guns and saving princesses. Games today are integrated with many riddles you need to solve and promotes analytic and logical skills.


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