Top 10 Tips For Teething Babies

Once your baby reaches his fifth month you would notice that he begins to chew his hands or anything that he can grab and clearly this is one of the days where he’s not in the mood. This is because teeth are starting to form and grow. Yes, it may sound too fast but this is normal. So what would you do when your baby starts teething? Here are some tips for first time mothers.

10. Ice chips

If you have been feeding your baby some solid foods, you may give ice chips. The coldness of ice may give temporary comfort since it will numb the gums. Be on the watch and don’t leave your baby unattended to avoid choking.

9. Breadsticks and Biscuits

Let your young one chew on snacks like breadsticks and biscuits instead of letting him eat his hands. This will not only keep him busy but these snacks will also fill his tummy for quite some time. A bottle of water should be ready just in case your baby gets thirsty while eating his snacks.

8. Fruit Slices

When teething stage begins, it’s time to hit two birds with one stone. Give your baby a dose of vitamins the natural way and let him be soothed with the sipping and chewing sensation. If you are worried that your baby might choke on the fruit slice, place it on a fruit mesh.

7. Cucumber and Carrot Sticks

Your baby might want to indulge on something harder to chew on, so try giving him a chilled cucumber or carrot sticks. Just be sure that the vegetable was prepared properly and clean to avoid tummy aches later on. You wouldn’t want to add any discomfort for your baby.

6. Teething Rings

Give a little comfort to your baby by giving him teeth rings. It may be temporary but it will distract him from the pain and discomfort for quite some time though, better than hours of whining and crying.

5. Cool Drinks

Give your baby cool drinks to soothe his gum. Probably some fruit juices that are sugar-free or chilled water would do as well. Just double check that the beverage is not too coldso as not to add more damage to the injury.

4. Painkillers

Now only give medicines with Paracetamol or Ibuprofen if your baby has a slight fever. It is normal for them to acquire fever when teething, just make sure that the medications are for infants and follow the proper dosage.

Teething Babies

3. Pay Attention

Your baby needs all the tender loving care when he is teething. He may be irritated with the situation, but trying to comfort and playing with him might distract your baby from the pain he’s feeling. Just try to imagine yourself not feeling well and yet not a single person would notice how would you feel?

2. Teething gels

Teething gels are available over the counter but this can only be given if they are already more than four months old, however it is still best to always consult your doctor before using it for your baby. Please make sure that the teething gel does not include salicylate salts.

1. Cold Cloth

Using your baby’s burp cloth, wrap a part of the cloth around your finger and dab it in cold water. Gently press in around your baby’s gums. This would give a temporary relief any your baby might even bite on it.

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