Top 10 Reasons Why a Baby Cries

Babies can’t talk so it can be perplexing to hear them crying because no one knows the exact reason. This is why it really pays for moms and nannies or anyone who looks after a baby to know the most probable reasons why a baby is crying. So here are the top 10 most probable reasons why a baby cries.

10. The baby wants swaddling

Babies especially the newly-born ones simply love being swaddled and this can be achieved by swaddling them in a tight blanket. This gives them the feeling they are in the womb. This is the reason why it is easy to stop a baby from crying when you swaddle him.

9. He cries for his mother

This can be simply explained this way: the mother is the closest person in the first days of the baby. Naturally, a baby cries when he wants to be with his mother.

8. Overstimulation

There are times when baby hates overstimulation like too many people around him, noise heard everywhere, and anything that can put stress on him. These are simply annoyances to him. Put him in a peaceful place and he will surely stop crying.

7. He wants to suck on something

When a baby sucks, this should not put worries on you because this is just a natural instinct of babies. That is why pacifiers for babies have become popular because they can keep babies happy and quiet as they suck them on.

6. He needs to be burped

A baby would cry when he wants to burp. Help him out by patting his back lightly.

5. He is simply bored

When a baby gets bored, he will easily cry. To fix this problem, give him different types of safe toys, sit with him and play, and bring him to different surroundings. These techniques can give him the opportunity to look around and get exposed on different things that can be interesting to him.

4. He is in pain or sick

Being a mother, you can easily identify the cry of your baby. A baby who cries might be sick or in pain and can be absolutely the most disheartening and heartbreaking cry to a parent. If the crying persists, it really pays to bring him to the nearest health clinic or hospital so a nurse or a doctor can help you identify what makes your baby sick or in pain.

Why a Baby Cries

3. He is simply tired

A baby cries when he is tired and this kind of cry can be heard until he reaches his toddler years. This can be addressed properly by holding and rocking him until he has fallen asleep.

2. He needs to be changed

When your baby gets soiled or wet, his initial reaction would be crying. He cries because he’s in discomfort. Check his diapers and change it whenever needed.

1. He is hungry

This is the most common reason why a baby cries. Feed him constantly because according to experts babies need to be fed every few hours.


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