Top 10 Reasons to Have Children

Children are considered blessing and bring so much joy to the family. However, having a child should not be something impulsively done. It should be a decision both parents should think about. If you are pondering on whether to have a child or not, here are the top 10 reasons having a kid is great decision!

(10) More Laughter at Home

You wouldn’t really know how much laughter can cure the stress you feel from your everyday lives until a child gives it to you. The little pitter patter of children’s feet and their bloopers will indeed bring a lot of joy to your family. Sometimes, when you and your spouse are in an argument, you will even tend to forget that you’re fighting.

(9) Children are Great Teachers

The truth is, you will learn a lot from children. In fact, you will learn the simplest and most important life lessons from them. For example, your child will teach you to be patient with people even if your temper reaches its maximum already.

(8) Companionship

You will never be lonely again once you know you have a child that depends on you all the time. He will be like your little companion or best friend that would be there for you whenever you are sad and will listen to your stories.

(7) Pride

Children are often termed as their parents’ “pride and joy”. This is because it is true. When you are a parent, everything that your child does reflects on you. Thus, everything they do that is amazing, every stepping stone and every achievement is also your pride as much as it is theirs.

(6) Go Back to Childhood

You get to become a kid again. I mean, who does not miss their childhood, right? Everyone of us wants to act silly and play games sometimes. And when you play with your child, that is what you get to experience.

(5) Increased Sense of Responsibility

Having a child will teach you to become more responsible. No longer will you be spending your pay check on booze and cigarettes. You will also have to learn how to save money in the bank. You will not become impulsive with your decisions anymore. Truth is, your child will teach you to become more responsible for him and for yourself.

(4) Motivation

Your child serves as your constant source of motivation. Whenever you have problems at work and feel like quitting, the thought of your child will keep you pushing to be your best and to keep on working hard.


(3) Your Child is Your Legacy

Ever wondered what legacy you will leave in this world? Well, it could just be your child. You knows, you might be raising the next president of the United States or he could be the person who can discover the cure for cancer.

(2) Someone to Take Care of You When You Are Old

You are probably taking care of your parents now that you are the one making money. You tend to their needs whenever you are available. Do you ever wonder who would do those things for you? That would be your child as well.

(1) Learn Unconditional Love

This is probably the most important reason to have a child. Have you ever thought of yourself as selfish or self-centered? Well, this is your chance to see how well your love can heart. Unconditional love means you will love your children no matter who they are or who they become. And this can never be learned elsewhere.

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