Top 10 Positive and Negative Effects of Boarding School on Children

Positive Effects

10. Children Become Independent


Inside the boarding school, children are responsible for their own stuff. The boarding school does not pamper the children in any way. Therefore, children tend to become more responsible and also independent. They are no more dependent on anyone for anything.

9. Children Become Disciplined


Children staying in boarding school become more disciplined and organized. Boarding schools help to make the children disciplined as they have to stick to the timetable, and the strict rules and regulations of the school. As a result, they become punctual and follow the discipline.

8. Children Get More Time for Fun Activities


A boarding school not only helps children with learning but also encourages them for different types of recreational activities. They get enough time for other activities as the time taken to commute between the school and the home is saved. This helps to develop good habits in them.

7. Children Become Self-Reliant


Children do not have a protective environment in a boarding school which they always have when living with their parents. This makes them more brave and confident. They are able to face any unwanted situations fearlessly and protect themselves easily.

6. Children Develop Good Habits


Children staying in a boarding school develop various good habits like going to bed early, waking up early in the morning, brushing your before going to bed, keeping themselves tidy and presentable, taking care of their own stuff, etc. All these good habits help them to live better.

Negative Effects

5. Adjustments


Many children find it difficult to deal with the atmosphere of the boarding school. Their relationship with their parents is also equally affected. It also reduces the bonding between the parents and their children. Children find it difficult to adjust to their parents as they become more independent and do not need anyone to take care of themselves.

4. Stress


Boarding schools may not give the same casual feeling as you have in your home. This can make the child more stressful as they will not get pampered for anything. There also absence of emotional support at the boarding schools. Children are pushed to become tough and strong by themselves.

3. Affects the Self-Esteem


Boarding schools generally validate children on the basis of their performance in the boarding school. This may affect the self esteem of the ones who are not performing well. Such children often start feeling low and also lose their self confidenceeasily.

2. Feeling of Loneliness


Children staying in a boarding school initially become homesick and start feeling lonely. They feel the loss of their family. They feel like an unwanted child. This affects their future as they are unable to develop healthy relationships in their adulthood.

1. Bullying


Many children often have to go through bullying while staying in a boarding school. Senior students or teachers may harass and abuse the junior students in different ways. Parents are unable to take any actions because children suffering from such harassment may not reveal it to their parents. This can also affect the child mental stability of the child.  


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