Top 10 Bad Habits of Children

10. Thumb Sucking


Generally, thumb or finger sucking starts from the childhood. Sucking the thumb gives children a relaxing and soothing effect and helps to ease their anxiety by making them go to sleep. Most of them stop doing it till they are one. Thumb sucking can be a problem for the child when their permanent teeth start growing.

9. Nose Picking


Nose picking is a very strange and unusual habit. It is the common habit in children and adults. Nose picking generally begins when the kids develop cold, allergies and infection and their nose is coated with it. Nose picking is one of the major reasons for nosebleeds.

8. Hair Pulling


Hair Pulling is also one of the common habits in children. Children usually do it when they are relaxed, tired or may be bored. They also do it while the thumb sucking. It can be a serious issue if the child starts pulling the hairs in large quantities.

7. Teeth Grinding


Teeth grinding is usually noticed while sleeping. It is mostly seen when the teeth start growing in the infants and stops once the permanent teeth develop. Teeth grinding is one of the major reasons for jaw problems and corrosion of tooth enamel. A dentist can protect your child’s teeth with night guard while sleeping.

6. Nail Biting


Nail biting can become a problem if it causes bleeding or a nail infection in children. Children usually bite their nails when they are nervous or tensed. Make your child understand the importance of their hands for doing other interesting things when they are not biting the nails. It can be stopped by your positive support.

5. Using Bad Language


Children quickly pick up the signs and language from their parents and adults. If the parents of the child use bad languages in their speech, the child also repeats the same which later turns into a habit. Parents should be very careful about their language in front of their children.

4. Lip Chewing


Biting or chewing the lips starts when a child has severely dried lips and tries to moisten them by chewing the rough and dried skin. Licking or chewing the lips increasingly can make them uneven and rough. Later, it becomes more tempting to chew the rough lips.

3. Argue or Answer Back


This is another common bad habit found in children. They not only back answer to their parents but also to their teachers and other elders. If the parents fail to take the charge on the right time, the child might tend to become more disobedient.

2. Excessive Use of TV or Video Games


Never think about giving a chance to your child to skip the school and watch TV or play video games. Children usually spend a lot of time playing video games and watching TV every day. Some of them even become passionate about winning. Convince them to be keen on physical activities instead.

1. Eating Junk Food


Children are increasingly becoming addicted to the junk food. This can cause obesity in children. Children today like burgers made by the restaurants more than the homemade burgers. Parents should be held responsible for spoiling their children.

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