Top 10 Youngest Most Promising Sports Men in the world

All of us know that athletes participates in athletic events say for example, field and track events, long distance, etc. they are individuals who have very string all-around abilities for doing athletics and those qualities reflect the increased potential. They participate in Contests, Tournaments, Championships, Leagues, World Cups, and many such competitions which decide their future. Some athletes are very much talented and have all the potential, strength and confidence required for fighting against others. Those start young. Even in their teenage, they achieve so much that they become examples and influence the coming generations and even the existing ones. They become role models for others. There are many such young talents residing in every country across the globe.

10] Ricky Rubio:

At 14, he successfully joined the Premier Professional Basketball League of Spain. He is the youngest player till date to achieve so big. He joined the Euro League (highest level of pro ball in Europe) when he was 16, again being the youngest on the list. Then, after two years, when he was 18, he was drafted by Minnesota Timberwolves. Sadly, at 21, his rookie season was shortened by a nasty ACL injury. But the boy was always in news.

9] Bryce Harper:

At a little age of 16 years, this kid was the cover face of ‘Sports Illustrated’- edition 2009 as he was a rising star for Baseball Fans. In that year, he was successful in hitting a 502 foot home run which was at Tropicana Field. Now, he is 19 and is no longer attending school. He is now headed to the minor leagues because, according to him, he should start minors’ season which would give the Nationals another year before the hitting of a free agency by him.

8] Victoria Azarenka:

She is 23 years old and in 2011, when she was 21, she made the semi finals of Wimbeldon, and also the quarter finals of French Open. This year, when she was still 22, she won the Australian Open in Grand Slam Championship which was her first one. She was ranked #1 after winning at Melbourne.

7] Thomas Muller:

The star of World Cup 2010 is this Germany’s boy who was just 20 back then. In World Cup, he pushed Germany to 3rd position and won 2 Awards out of 5 individual awards in that Tournament. Those were “Best Young Player” and “Golden Boot”. Currently, in 2012, he is the 13th best player in world’s ranking for FIFA Players.

6] Cam Newton:

At an age of 22, he stands as the winner of Heisman and also the National Championship with Auburn. Later, he also bagged 1st rank overall in 2011 by Carolina Partners. Initially, at NFL quarterback threw a ball for 432 yards and one TD + a rushing TD. And these statistics are from his very first game. He also has a record of achieving 14 TDs in a Quarterback in the same season.

5] Erik Karlsson:

He has a record of 19 goals, 52 assists in the National Hockey League at just 21. Also, he is the best defenseman. Among all the young talents in hockey including Jordan Ederle, Jeff Skinner (30 goals, 18-year old), Tyler Seguin (20-year old, 2nd in plus/minus 2012) and all others, Erik stands out of the crowd.

4] Caroline Wozniacki:

She is the Top Player in the world’s list of women’s tennis for the year 2010 as well as 2011 and is just 21 years old. She just needs to win Grand Slam Tournament to be on the top for this year. And it is not wrong to say that she’ll achieve that soon is no matter of time. Also her boyfriend is Rory Mcllroy, who is 2nd on our list, perfect right?

3] Neymar:

At an age of just 20 years, he is billed as a Great Brazilian Soccer player for many years. Currently, he is playing in the Brazil’s club soccer. He was 11th in voting for FIFA Ballon d’Or in the year 2011. He is winner of the title “The Most Beautiful Goal of the Year” and won FIFA Puskas Award for this.

2] Rory Mcllroy:

He is just 22 years old and a star boy in World Golf Rankings (Rank #2). He was ranked 3rd in British Open, 2010. He was also 3rd in PGA Chamionship for the year 2009 as well as 2010. Then in 2011, at a major, he won U.S. Open. Shockingly, Phil Mickelson who owns 3 green jackets never won a major before the age of 34, but Rory Mcllroy have all the strength.

1] Steven Stamkos:

He is the 7th player in National Hockey League who scored 50 goals two times in a season. And if you ask at what age, then the answer is before he was even 23!! At this little age, he scored these numbers unlike others and this is what that makes him so special. Since the year 2005, in the 7 seasons, there were 16 seasons for 50-goal. He has a record of 50-goals twice and that too at this little age! This is hell of an achievement. This talent of the guy makes him the topper of this list.

So these were those faces which are super talented and are masters in their respective fields. Apart from these few names, we have other young athletes who have achieved success and bought honour for their country. Saniya Nehwal from India who is a badminton player is another such example. Do let us know if you know other young athletes who stand out on an international platform. We would love to know your comments.

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