Top 10 Weird Sports on Earth

Sports are one of those activities loved by billions of people around the globe. There are different sports out there and we mostly heard of the common sports; however there are some sports that are very weird in nature you might laugh upon hearing it. You might even think it’s not real but the truth is, these weird sports do exist! Let’s check out the top 10 weird sports on Earth.

Top 10 Weird Sports on Earth

World Gurning Contest

Unbelievable as it seems, but who would have thought that pulling off an ugly face is a sport in the UK? Yes, the ugliest face of all wins this sport and it is called the “World Gurning Contest”. This sport has been in existence for centuries! It was started way back in 1297 and up until now.

Cheese Rolling

Another weirdest sport ever created on Earth is the “Cheese Rolling”. From the name itself, it simply means catching a rolling cheese down the hill! In this sport, there are hundreds of players joining this sport; they stampede over a piece of rolling cheese and whoever gets it first and reached the finish line is the declared winner! Unbelievable? Yes it is but totally true for the people of England!

Wood Chopping

Considered as an outdoor sport, chopping of wood is also a sport to some lumberjacks! It may sound tiring but this sport is like a race, whoever chops a timber first is the winner.

Chess Boxing

A combination sport of boxing and playing chess, chess boxing is both mental and physical game, it may sound hilarious but this sport does exist. Playing chess and boxing is done alternately in every round and was popularized back in 1992. Winners can take the fight by a knock out or by checkmate!

Underwater Hockey

This sport is becoming quite popular already, players are playing hockey underwater on the base floor of a swimming pool. It’s similar to playing the normal hockey game except for the constant surfacing of players to grasp some air before diving back to play again.

Street Luge

You may have heard about this sport however it is still considered as one of the weirdest. This sport uses an enlarge skateboard where players are required to lay on their backs and let the force of gravity do the racing for them.

Catfish Grabbling

This sport requires player to use their hands in fishing, in other words players will simply grab the catfish in order to win the game. Once done, catfish is released.

Dog Surfing

In California, dog surfing is being held not just a fun leisure but as a competition. A human surfer and his dog! In this type of sport you will definitely see some cure stunts.


A combination sport of soccer, basketball, hockey and bicycling, this sport is definitely one of a kind! Players are required to ride on a bicycle within a small court and play the game similar to a basketball game with goal on each opposite side.

Wife Carrying

Wife carrying is one of the weirdest for men are required to carry their wives in an upside down position while racing for the finish line.


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