Top 10 UFC Fighters of All Time

UFC fighting has been in the business for more than 20 years and in such span of time, different men have battled for one ultimate spot, to be the champion. Being a champion will bring you in so much trials and of which is the chance to fight with some of the most highly respected names in UFC fighting and martial arts. Let’s check out the top 10 UFC fighters of all time.

Anderson Silva

For most UFC enthusiasts, only one name stands out when it comes to UFC fighting and that’s no other than Anderson Silva. He is considered to be one of the best who ever walked in on the Octagon. His fighting styles, his talent and his techniques may be his advantages. He may look ordinary but once you fight with him, his power is simply outstanding. He was the champion since the year 2006 to 2013 in the middle weight division.

Georges St-Pierre

When it comes to details, nothing could beat Georges St-Pierre. He is a very athletic type of person with good grasp of mixed martial arts. He fought with talented and powerful fighters too but only few were able to oust him. He even won a world record 33 consecutive rounds in UFC fighting.

Royce Gracie

Royce have won dozens of fights in his time, he is in fact considered as one of the best who have inspired other fighters to work as hard as they could and train well.

Jon Jones

Jon Jones is undeniably one of the rising stars in UFC fighting. At such a young age, he was able to win a fight and was then known to be the youngest person who has won a championship title in UFC.

Chuck Liddell

He is not just about looks; he too can fight well and can deliver promising skills. He is known to be a very decent and modest man however once he steps in the ring, he instantly transforms! For most UFC enthusiasts, his 2007 battle with Wanderlei Silva was one of the most memorable.

Matt Hughes

Once a farm boy, Matt managed to use his wrestling abilities as well as his strength to make a name for himself in UFC and started winning battles. Matt is one of the best simply because of his humble beginnings, his amazing performance in the welterweight division fight and because of his techniques.

BJ Penn

Some may not find BJ Penn impressive, however because the most respected man on UFC claimed he is one of the hardest opponent, BJ Penn earned his title. He rivals other UFC fighters such as Hughes and Frankie Edgar.

Randy Couture

Randy is one of the best simply because he is the only one who managed to win titles and belts in 2 different weight classes; heavyweight and light-heavyweight! Let’s give some respect for not only was he able to win fights in different classes, he was in fact the oldest fighter in the UFC history.

Frank Shamrock

Frank also falls on the list because during his time he was able to upstage the then rising star Tito Ortiz. He is the first man who won a championship fight on UFC.

Dan Henderson

Another top 10 UFC fighter is no other than Dan Henderson. He may have gained popularity on other fights but he managed to get noticed in UFC fighting too with his famous knockout moment in the history of the MMA.

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