Top 10 Tips To Be A Superior Golfer

Now-a-day golf is one of the most played games in the world. There are various famous persons that have been indulged with this game for a long time. This game is quite popular among the European counties. Here in this article we will discuss about the top 10 ways to become a great golfer.

10. Cultivate guts of pro golfers

Follow the footprints of senior and accomplished ones. That is how you will be able to recognize the ways to win and reasons of failures as well. Make some best one your ideal and chase him in efforts, obsession, sport spirit and excellence. Make a habit of visiting your nearby golf course at least two times a week.

9. Don’t be discouraged by failures

It takes time to be polished. Initially each and everyone hits a wrong shot eight times out of ten  but it doesn’t mean you will never turn from bad to good and then better. In fact these flaws are teaching lessons for you. In the course of time you would realize these stumbles aren’t breaking you down but make you learn how to overcome and stop your flaws.

8. Keep some points in mind

Be in the right position and keep your body balanced and stayed at right angle specifically at the time of swing. Keep your knees bowed, and fall all your body weight between your feet.

7. Don’t swing your golf club randomly

The next thing is to know that never swing your golf club at the complete 100% percent power means in full strength. The 70% is the best speed to swing that keeps you balanced and provides distance for infallible and wonderful swing.

6. Lift up the ball

If you have a newer driver with 420 or 460 merit than it is mandatory to lift up the ball a little higher and take an upswing. Keep your head down and eyes fixed on the ball; neither here nor there and still have looked on the ball after you have finished the shot until the ball reaches its goal.

5. Winter tips

If it is winter and grass feels wet you should putt firm the ball so as to reach it to the hole. Never move or lift your shoulders and always play a straight shot.

4. Don’t spoil your money

Don’t spoil money on sport magazines to learn the tact of playing instead of that watch videos and practice sessions of experts. Focus on their assessments, timing and playing strategies.


Tips To Be A Superior Golfer

3. be serious with your game

Take your game seriously and sincerely. Don’t be disappointed with a poor shot as often seen that if twice or thrice a golfer hits a wrong shot he/she began to play carelessly and then performs worse. When it’s a wrong hit try to do next time more attentively what you could not do last time.

2. Select the right course for you

Choose a smooth and even golf course until you are not prepared to play well anywhere and find no difficulty to hit the ball best way at every type of surface. More, have patience and keep on practicing and improve from worst to best.

1. Try to keep your hands clean

Last but not the least; keep your hands perfectly clean to grip the club firmly and make a great hit.


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