Top 10 Tallest NBA Players of All Time

Being a basketball player requires skills in ball handling as well as in shooting; however one of the most prominent features a basketball player must have is a towering height. No wonder most basketball players are tall and gigantic. So let’s check out the top 10 tallest NBA players of all time.

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players of All Time

Manute Bol – 7 Feet and 7 Inches

Manute is the tallest player ever played on NBA. He was a native of Sudan and has played in different NBA teams in his time. He was a center and was handy in blocking opponents. Despite being an excellent blocker, he had a lot of weakness and was said to have more blocking points rather than shooting points.

Gheorghe Muresan – 7 Feet and 7 Inches

Ranked 2nd is George of Romania. He first played in France and became quite popular. The NBA saw his potentials and because of his height, he was drafted and joined the Washington Bullets in the year 1993. He was the founder of GBA or Giant Basketball Academy where giant kids are taught on how to play basketball with the right skills and correct fundamentals.

Yao Ming – 7 Feet and 6 Inches

Yao Ming is one of those well loved NBA players from China. He joined NBA in the year 2012 under Houston Rockets and was in fact the first pick at that time. He retired in the 2011 due to different acquired injuries that affected his ankle and fractured foot.

Shawn Bradley – 7 Feet and 6 Inches

A dual citizen basketball player, Shawn is both a citizen of Germany and America. He was the center player in his Philadelphia team. He even appeared in the famous Michael Jordan film “Space Jam”.

Chuck Nevitt – 7 Feet and 5 Inches

One of the tallest center players of NBA, Chuck played as center for 9 consecutive years. It was said that Chuck was only able to play less than 18 NBA games all throughout his career. His teams were Houston Rockets, LA Lakers, Detroit Pistons, Miami Tropics, Chicago Bulls, and San Antonio Spurs.

Pavel Podkolzzin – 7 Feet and 5 Inches

A native of Russia, Pavel is also one of the tallest NBA players of all time. His career flourished when he joined the Lokomotiv Novosibirsk and was chosen by the Utah Jazz in 2004. He was then traded to Dallas Mavericks unfortunately because of health issues such as acromegaly, he withdrew a draft. He is well admired in blocking opponents because of his height and strength.

Slavko Vranes – 7 Feet and 6 Inches

Slavko is a multitalented player who was able to play in different basketball teams during his junior years, he was first a Montenegrin basketball player, transferred to a Serbian team and then to a Turkish team. Unfortunately, he seemed to be unable to adjust and went back to his former Montenegrin team. He is considered as one of the tallest NBA players when he joined the New York Knicks in 2003.

Mark Eaton – 7 Feet and 4 Inches

A long time player of Utah Jazz, Mark definitely made a name for himself when he was playing in the NBA league. Aside from his height, he was able to garnered different awards such as NBA Defensive player of the year twice and was selected for an NBA All Star game in the year 1989.

Rik Smits – 7 Feet and 4 Inches

A Dutch basketball player, Rik entered NBA as an Indiana Pacers player and acted as the center of the team. He was known for his dunking styles and as well as his height thus earning the name “The Dunkin’ Dutchman”.

Ralph Sampson – 7 Feet and 4 Inches

Ralph is an American basketball player who is well known for his height. Aside from height, he also possesses great basket skills earning him awards such as the 3 time college player of the year and as the number one pick during the NBA draft in 1983.

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