Top 10 Reasons to say No to Animal Hunting

Animal hunting as the name suggests is the practice of killing animals by human beings for various reasons like food, leisure and dealing with animal products like skin, meat, etc. Hunting of animal is a contradicting issue as some times it is also promoted for some positive reasons like controlling pests, so that the rate of disease spreading rate due to overpopulation of some species can be controlled and sometimes considered for the recreation. But due to hunting many animals are getting endangered, the food chain of our ecosystem disturbs, etc. In many cases hunting is an illegal practice which shatters the life of animals. Hunting should be avoided and measures should be taken against the people involved in such immoral activities. There are many other forms of hunting like hunting of animals by other animal is termed as predating. Animals are our friends they help us in various ways like food, milk, they are also termed as “man’s first loyal friend”. There are many reasons which compel a person to not to go for animal hunting, top 10 of them are listed here.

10). Animals are very Helpful.

Animals provide us milk, egg and many other products. Animal help us in one way or the other for example Dogs are termed as “human’s most loyal friend”, people keep dogs in their home as gate keeper. In villages animals are used for transportation purposes and in agricultural activities. Some animals provide us wool, some provides silk; almost every animal helps humans in one way or the other. When a creature is so helping in almost every field, then why one should kill them.

9). Hunting is Recreational.

Some people are involved in hunting, because it is one of the interesting recreation activities. Promoting hunting because it is a leisure pastime is totally immoral, because animals do have heart like the humans have, they feel pain and for our happiness hurting & killing animals are completely debauched. They have their babies, there group with which they live. Sometimes they also have emotive attachment with their keepers. Killing such animals that always help humans, just for fun should not be promoted, and hence everyone should join hands to stand against the hunting of animals.

8). Animals sometimes killed are not used for Meat.

The meat, skin etc of the animals killed in sport activities are never used by humans, and in a way the animals die and they doesn’t provide anything productive. Killing animals just for a second’s or minute’s happiness is totally impractical and immoral. There are various government organizations that work for the conditions of overpopulation of dangerous animals, and in some cases they kill such dangerous animals, but after killing the skin and the flesh is used for commercial purposes. Killing of some animals in such cases can be promoted but killing animals for sport activities should be prohibited.

7). It is a Deceitful Process.

Hunting is a fraudulent process, as people for their amusement promote hunting of animals and names it as a process of managing wildlife, controlling the population of the dangerous animals, games and sports. Instead of promoting such activity on wrong grounds one should work as a civilized being of the society and should not promote such wrong doings as leisure activity.

6). In Hunting processes many People and Animals Die.

Hunting practices sometimes takes the lives of humans and animals of nearby regions. Researches prove that during the season of hunting the rate of car and truck accidents due to the collision of running animals and the vehicles in outskirt areas increases. And the injuries due to hunting accidents are more fatal and around hundreds of people die due to the hunting accidents in U. S. almost every year. It is the worst form of recreation which not only harms the one involved in the activity, but also the common people of society,  who doesn’t have any relation with such immoral tasks. Some people believe that hunting of deer will decrease the deer-population, with which the plants like rhododendrons and tulips can be saved (as are the favorite food of deer). But contrary to this due to decrement in the population, the deer population increases for the food compensation by giving birth to triplets and twins. Therefore avoiding the concept of killing animals for population control one should promote the method of immune contraception.

5). Hunting is Cruel.

Why people think that animals don’t have heart, feelings..?? As on killing/hurting humans they feel pain, animals also feel the same pain. Also on departing humans from there loved ones, they are unable to lead their life; same is the case with animals, when we try to separate the calf from his/her mother, they oppose it. There one should have some moral values and should not get indulged in such immoral activities like killing and hunting of such helpful living beings for no reason.

4). Hunting disturbs Local Ecosystem.

Killing of the predator can be the major cause of the inequity of the ecosystem and indirectly the nature. As killing the predator from the ecosystem can mismanage the food web, and affect the life of the group that feeds on that particular species which are about to be endangered. Due to such variations the local ecosystem perturb, and also affects the existence of other species which depends on one another.

3). Sometimes Hunters endangers Non-hunters.

Many times due to hunting of animals, many people who are against hunting become the target of the hunters. Therefore because of this depraved activity, the people (non-hunters) and in many cases the animals (who are not the real target species of hunter) are also unsafe while walking and roaming in the forests especially for the period of hunting season. Studies say that only around ten percent population is involved in hunting process, but then also because of such immoral and mismanaging activity they disturb the life of animals as well as other people (who are not involved in hunting activities).

2). Hunting Disturbs the Balance between Predator and Prey.

Every species in the ecosystem has its own importance, it is balanced perfectly in nature due to the multifarious relationship among various producers like plants, algae, bacteria; and the herbivores (which get their food from the producers), and then comes the predators (which get the food from the plant eaters) and the decomposers (which get food on decomposition of the dead plants and animals). On varying the balance, the whole ecosystem disturbs.  As one group of animals/plants feeds on the other, and therefore if any on member gets extinct due to the hunting process, then the ecosystem can be disturbed and indirectly the perfectly balanced nature disturbs affecting the life of every body of the nature.

1). Due to Hunting Species are getting Extinct.

Hunting of a particular kind of species, results in getting them endangered. Due to hunting of animals, many species like Siberian tiger, Dodo, Woolly Mammoth, Dinosaurs, Golden Toad and other birds and animals are endangered. Also there are some which are about to be endangered if proper measures are not taken on time, species like Okapi, Asia Golden Cat, Tiger Shark and many other come under this category. For saving various species from getting endangered, it is very important to stand against animal hunting.

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