Top 10 Paralympics Hottest Athletes

 The people who are having some physical or intellectual disabilities which include mobility amputations, blindness, disabilities and cerebral palsy are paralympic Athletes. The paralympic international games provide a platform for these paralympic athletes to show their talent in various sports. They offer summer and winter games, both are recognized on the world stage. They are held just after the Olympic Games. Paralympians can also participate in Olympic Games.

Following is a list of top 10 hottest paralympic athletes in the world:

10)  Esther Vergeer

She is a beautiful and adorable person. Disability doesn’t make anyone less attractive. She proved it when she posed for some magazine covers and flaunts her beauty. She is mentally tough and that’s her strongest point. She wants to maintain her statistics of 5 paralympic titles and 42 grand slams. She is so strong that her opponents are having a hard time beating her up. She has achieved a good status in paralympic events.

9)  Marlon Shirley

He is a Paralympic athlete and an Olympic champion too. He had won the title of world champion 10 times. He represents United States in long jump competition. In 2000, he won a gold medal in 100 meters T44 competition in summer Paralympics. During 2004 paralympic games he won gold, silver and bronze in Athens. In 2008, he lost the title. During his childhood, he was discarded by his own mother. He lived his life in an orphanage. He lost his foot there and soon was shifted to a foster home.

8) Jon-Allan Butterworth

He represents Great Britain and is a known world champion. While serving RAF, he lost his arm in Iraq. He then decided to hunt another career path. He found his life in cycling. He took part in the elite competition, Paralympics. He became popular for criticizing his fellow Paralympic athletes by using unpleasant words but soon he realized his mistake and apologizes to them.

7)    Mallory Weggenman

He was awarded with a title-the sexiest Paralympic Athlete for 2012 by his fans. Her passion for swimming started when she was young. She was greatly inspired by her sisters. Her sisters were also known swimmers. She got 5 gold medals in 2009 Swimming World Championship. In 2010 IPC Swimming World Championship, she received 8 gold medals and a silver medal in 2010. At a small age of 12 the girl got certified in Scuba. Despite of her paralysis, she still is full of life and has hoped to move forward and continue her life till the end.

6)  Marcel Hug

At the T54 wheelchair racing games, he represented Switzerland. His career was on track in 2004 Summer Paralympics, held in Athens. He participated in events like 800 meters T54 and 1500 meters T54 and won two bronze medals in them. He is preparing for Paralympics 2012; he is doing lots of practices and training sessions. He aims at winning a gold medal one day and he will definitely do that soon.

5)    Natalia Partyka

She is a table tennis player and a representative of Poland. She is one of the youngest Paralympic athletes as she started playing table tennis when she was just 7. She was born without a right hand and even a forearm but this thing never came in the way of her success. She gave a brilliant performance in last London Olympics Games 2012. Everyone was astonished with her performance. She proved the world that people with disability can perform equally with those able people. In nature, she is a very positive person. She does all the exercises that others do. She even won the Paralympic gold medal for third time in a row. Yang Qian from China loses to her in the final. She is ranked 66th in the world and she is just 23 year old.

4)    David Eng


He is a basketball player and a born leader in the ring. He is good looking and has a well-built body. The reason of him being single is his dedication towards basketball. Apart from being an athlete he also works as a Kinesiologist. His height is 5’9 and was born in Montreal. He was the 2012 Wheelchair Basketball Canada Male Athlete of the Year. He actually started playing Basketball as part of his recreational activity; he found his passion in it and started playing officially as a part of Canada team. In 2004, he grabbed Paralympic gold in wheelchair basketball and a silver medal in 2008.

3)  Oscar Pistorius

He holds the title of “the fastest man on no legs”. His deduction level is 2 sided and is below the knee level. He represents South Africa. He is a sprint and blade runner. When he turned 16, he played rugby and was hurt but he never loses his devotion. In 2004, he got his 1st pair of Ossur. After he won the T44 200m gold in the Paralympics event, he became a breathtaking and popular athlete. He received two silvers during the African Championships.

2) Kelly Cartwright

Kelly Cartwright was only 15 years old when she came to know that she is suffering from synovial sarcoma. Synovial sarcoma is a kind of cancer. The cancer damaged her left leg. When chemotherapy didn’t work, she surgically removed her leg. Now she is wearing a prosthetic leg. She is a netball player. She is 20 year old and is basically from Australia. She started her career at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. She stood at 6th position. At the Arafura Games in Darwin she broke women’s 200m ambulant world record by merely four seconds.

1)   David weir

David Weir, Popularly known as “The Weir wolf of south London”, emerged as a winner of the final race (5,000m) on the Paralympic athletics programme. The 33-year-old man crossed the finish line and somehow managed to beat Switzerland’s Marcel Hug, the silver medalist, and Australian Kurt Fearnley, who took bronze. David was barely one second ahead of Kurt. 31 wheelchair racers took part in the competition. All channel four showed camera shots on each of the four laps of the race. The man himself confessed that he was confused about the finishing line; he just saw the lead car stop down the end of the Mall, so he thought maybe it’s down there. That’s why he carried on pushing himself. This was his latest golden moment as he got his fourth gold medal of the Games.His Coach who himself is the most successful Paralympic coach of all time, delcared that David is the best wheelchair racer in history. By winning this race, he joined Tanni Grey-Thompson  in the record books.


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