Top 10 Most Popular Sports in America

Sports are always a public mass issue. All of us love playing sports and if not playing, then at least watching the players play is a very popular hobby. Every country has very famous and talented players for variety of sports. When we talk about America, there are a lot of sports people follow and play. But the top most popular sports in America are:

[#10] Mixed Martial Arts:

Popularly known as MMA, is a new sport introduced in America on 12th November, 1993 by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This UFC in America is the most famous MMA organisation in the whole world after crossing all the social, political, media and economical hurdles in the way. Boxing, Karate, sumo, kung fu, kickboxing, wrestling, and jiu jitsu are the recognized martial arts forms which are practiced and chosen for competing.

[#9] Golf:

Golf is the sport which was started in 1743. The records state that there was shipping of 96 golf clubs with 432 golf balls to Mr. D. Deas in South Carolina from Leith Scotland. In this game, the players use many club types to place the golf balls in a series of holes in the minimum strokes. The field of the golf does not need to be a standard one. All that is necessary is there must be series of 9 or 18 holes on the field. The game is very popular is considered to be a disciplined game with a set of proper rules. The most popular player of Golf is Tiger Woods and this increases its popularity in US.

[#8] Tennis:

Many believe that in 12th century, tennis was incepted in France and the game was played with hands. Later in 16th century, rackets came into the scene and it became a very popular game in England and France. In America, tennis was introduced in 1874. This sport is played between two players using a racket and a ball with an objective to throw the ball such that the opponent is unable to return that to your field. This game is enjoyed by a lot millions of players. The game is a popular game in Olympics and apart from it, there are others like: The Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US open as varieties in the game and the field type on which it is played like clay, grass, hard courts etc.

[#7] Horse Racing:

This racing game in United States has got many fans. The inception of game in 1665 in North America as well as US, has established a new market. The first race was conducted in 1665, in the Long Island, New York. By 1890, there were total 314 racing tracks. Taking bets, odds are calculated and then paying the winnings, etc are all done in Horse racing and is called Bookmaking. Then in the 20th century, the anti-gambling sentiment was formed. This anti-gambling sentiment banned the bookmaking in all the states and resulted in the complete elimination of horse- racing. But the popularity is re-gained and horse racing is quite popular in America.

[#6] WWE:

The word WWE stands for World’s Wrestling Entertainment which is a very popular professional wrestling promotion. They organised ‘The Great American Bash’ which is a professional wrestling event on pay-per-view basis. It was first known as WWF, standing for World Wrestling Federation. It was initiated as WrestleMania in 1985 and till present day, it has become very popular among the complete world, not only America. In terms of business, the sport is gaining billions of dollars through tickets, excessive merchandise and pay-per-view. Also, media coverage, WWE superstars, productions, celebrities, all of them make this as an industry on a whole. None among the Americans is a person who has not followed this sport once in his life.

[#5] NASCAR:

The term NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. This game was founded by Bill France in the year 1947. His grandson, Brain France, is now the CEO of that company. This family-owned and family-operated business is the one which sanctions the sport – car racing events and is the largest sanctioning body in US for car racing. Major sanctions by this business venture are Sprint Cup Series, Camping World Truck Series, and Nationwide Series. The main headquarters of this business body are in Florida in Daytona Beach along with offices in other parts of US. The NASCAR Races are broadcasted in more that 150 countries and has got 75 million fans all over the world.

[#4] Hockey:

Though not the most popular, but hockey has got as many fans and favourites as basketball, whether in college or not. NHL, National Hockey League, has started to trail on the path of popularity in America. The Hockey league has gained a lot of fans these days which is because of the increasing scores the league is seeing. After 2004, the NHL got particular about everything and changed many rules to turn the boring hockey battles into interesting ones. HNA, Hockey North America is an ice-hockey organisation different from US Hockey.

[#3] Baseball:

This game was originated in America during the American Civil War with the name ‘rounder’. The game was later tuned and included skills. The baseball has its gravity because of the scores and records kept. People may forget about the votes record of the Presidents but they definitely know that Babe Ruth’s record in 1927 of 60 score was broken by 61 scores in 1961 by Roger Maris. The game is said to be as a ‘Democratic game’ because it has no restrictions over the average height and weight of the players like in basketball and football. This sport in America is played by almost everyone. The game is known as American’s National Pastime. In Competitions, the game has two levels- Minor league and Major league.

[#2] Basketball:

Basketball is that game which is played by over 250 million people among the world. The game was originated in 1891 when Dr. James Naismith (who was a Presbyterian minister) was about to teach physical education at YMCA training school, Springfield, Massachusetts. He then invented this indoor game, as those were winter months, to keep the kids occupied. Then the game was promoted in US and England, and in no time it was popular all over. The game has huge following in US specially. Its popularity in Olympics is very vast that if a country wins a title in Olympics Basketball, then it is the most honoured thing they achieve. Initially, US always dominated over the world in this sport for almost four decades, but now other teams are really working hard.

[#1] Football:

It is a sports game which involves two teams, each with eleven players. The objective of the sport is making the ball reach end of the other team’s zone by means of running after holding it or throwing it towards a teammate, kicking it, catching it over the goal and score points. This sport, in America, is the most popular one and has different forms like high school football, college football and the most admired professional football. They all are played with slight difference in the rules. The highest league level of professional football is – National Football League. The American Football is very much similar to Canadian football with just slight differences in the rules and dimensions of the field. The game is very much popular in specific areas of US like Texas and Florida in South and California in the West.

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