Top 10 Most Loved and Played Sports in America

Sports are an important part of our life. In order to keep ourselves fit and fine, we need to indulge ourselves in different kind of physical activities. Playing different sports is one of the finest ways in which we can achieve our fitness. It is also a source of entertainment. Thus sports have now become a necessity in our lives. Now, every country has different choices of sports. In fact every other person has a different choice. Similarly United States of America has also a wide variety of sports which the people like. People in America are involved in various sports and these people play an important part in Olympics. America is known to have the most medals in all the countries almost every time. The top 10 sports which are famous in America are:


10. Motor Sports:

Motor sports refer to a group of sports which has an involvement of motor vehicles. It may have motorcycle racing or F1 races. This sport has gained lot popularity in United States of America. These sports need not only be racing. There are many motor sports which do not involve racing. These sports include drifting, freestyle motocross etc. However motor racing is more popular than non- racing sports. Motorsport was also a demo event in 1990 Summer Olympics.


9. Lacrosse:

This is a team sport which was originated in America. This sport is played by using a small rubber ball and a long stick which include a net. This stick is known as Lacrosse stick. This sport involves 10 members per team playing a time in a field. The players are heavily guarded by helmet, gloves, shoulder pad and even rib guards as this sport includes high offense. The objective of the game is to dispossess the opponent from the ball, score goals and protect your side so that the opponents do not score. This game was a part of 1904, 1908 Olympics and was a demo till 1948 Olympics but now this sport is not that popular in Olympics.


8. Soccer: 

This sport has a worldwide popularity. Most popularly known as football or soccer, this game is liked by every 2nd person of the world. This game is played by using feet of the players. Use of hands is strictly prohibited unless the ball goes out of bonds. In the game only goalkeepers are the ones who are allowed to touch the ball with hands.  The team scoring the most goals is declared as the winner. In case of draw the winner is decided by a penalty shootout. In USA, there is a separate league for soccer known as MLS (Major League Soccer). This league comprises of 19 teams which has 16 from USA. Soccer in current years is part of every Olympics.


7. Golf:

This game includes a club and a ball. The golfers are a supposed to hit the ball from their different types of clubs in order to put them in holes. Unlike other games it does not have a specific area. Instead It has a course may include 9 or 18 holes. The golfer has to put the ball in holes in minimum number of strokes in order to win the match. This game was a part of 1900, 1904 Olympics and is said to be included in 2016 and 2020 Olympics as well.


6. Ice Hockey:

This game is known as the fastest game on the earth. This game is usually played in winters. This is a team sport which includes 6 members per side including goalkeeper. Players use skates in order to move on ice and a wooden stick in order to hit a rubber puck. The objective of a team is to score as many goals as possible. This game is most popular in North America. A league known as NHL (National Hockey League) is played in America in which 30 clubs participate. America has 23 clubs in this league.


5. Swimming:

As the name suggests, this sport includes swimming. A person has to swim across a certain area in the smallest time in order to win the sport. This sport has a great popularity in USA. Michael Phelps, a known swimmer, has increased its popularity by winning 8 gold in a row in 2008 Olympics. This sport is governed by an agency known as FINA.


4. Mixed Martial Arts/Boxing:

This sport is very famous in America.  Martial Arts include boxing, Tae Kwan Do, Wrestling, Karate and various other styles. In all these styles, boxing has gained more popularity than any other sport. In this competition a boxer has to punch its opponent above waist until the end of the round or the opponent’s knock out. Person with more points at the end wins the competition.


3. Basketball:

This sport is played between two teams with 5 members on court. The objective of the game is to put the ball through a basket while following a set of rules. Basketball is famous all over the world. In America, NBA (National Basketball Association) holds a league each year which comprises of 30 teams out of which 29 are from America. Thus it is very popular.


2. Football/Soccer:

American football is a sport which includes 11 members per team. The objective of the game is to run with the ball to the goal line of the opponent or passing the ball to the opponent’s goal line or kicking the ball through the opponent’s goal posts. In America, NFL (National Football League) is very famous and viewer attracting league.


1.  Baseball:

With no introduction, this sport is the most famous sport in America. Baseball is played across the whole country. A league known as MLB (Major League Baseball) is held in the country each year which include 29/30 teams of America. This sport is watched by almost every American.


Thus we have now been known to the top 10 sports in America. These games are very entertaining and bring out bright talents.


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