Top 10 Most Dangerous Sport Activities In The World

Sports are important in everyday life to improve our physical immune system. There are many people who love the type of sports that are unpredictable. Some of the games are so dangerous that many people have to pay the cost with their lives.  Let’s check out some of the most dangerous sport activities.

10. Bull Riding

Bull Riding is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It is also known as the most dangerous 8 seconds of life because a man has to ride on a bull for at least 8 seconds. The game is very popular in Mexico. This is a dangerous sport that has caused many severe injuries to both the bulls and the riders.

9. Motorcycle Racing

This is also one of the most unsafe sports in the world. The bike drivers are required to maintain the balance of their bike at an exceptionally high speed while driving through various types of obstacles. Many professional and nonprofessional bikers have lost their lives on these race tracks.

8. Base Jumping

Base Jumping requires a good control over mind and nerves.  It includes jumping from the top of a building or a mountain. It is difficult, and no one can simply do Base Jumping without a training or practice. The one who does die becomes the winner.

7. High Altitude Mountain Climbing

In Mountain Climbing, about one death occurs in every six successful achievements on the Everest. They face some of the fears like hypoxia, hypothermia, frostbite etc. While Mountain Climbing, even a normal injury can be fatal.

6. Wave Surfing

Wave Surfing is an amazing sport until a wave smashes the person. It is usually performed by professional surfers who towed into waves that are higher than 50 feet. They surf on a big wave until it pushes them up to 20 feet down the surface. A depth of 20 to 50 feet is enough to destroy a person’s eardrum.

5. Cave Diving

Cave Diving includes packing our self in a dark place where there is no light, less air supply and low temperature. There are many underwater divers who have discovered the unexplored nature. It is also dangerous as many accidents were reported so far.

4. Helicopter Skiing

This is one of the most expensive sports. Skiing athletes jump right from helicopters and start skiing down the icy slopes around the world. It may seem to be beautiful, but it is an extremely dangerous sport.


Most Dangerous Sport Activities In The World

3. Street Luging

Street Luging is one of the most dangerous sports. In this sport, a person glides down the road on a skateboard with high speed. Lying on a skateboard with high speed may seem to be entertaining but there is no option for applying brakes.

2. Horse Riding

The horses are trained in many sports like polo, horse riding and horse jumping. But at times they become very aggressive that people may get killed by falling off the horse’s back.

1. Gaelic Football

It originated in Ireland. In Gaelic Football, the players try to get a goal by tackling the ball from the opposition in every possible way. Kicks, punches and other vigorous tackling moves are allowed in this sport.

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