Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries

We can say that sports and injuries are synonyms and antonyms at the same time. If you are a sportsman, injuries are common to you but if you are having injuries it is hard for you to cope up with your sports. If you are a sports fan you must be hearing about a lot of injuries occurring to the players. To increase your knowledge about these injuries we brought up this article for you so that next time you hear about a injury you can guess out that after how much time your player is going to return in the game.


Concussion comes in view from an injury to brain which is caused by a blow to the head generally. The various symptoms of the injury are headache, vision disturbance, amnesia, disorientation, dizziness, nausea, loss of balance and difficulty in concentrating. The injury is generally involved in contact sports like soccer, football, boxing, hockey, etc. The main treatment of concussion is resting . A proper amount of break should be taken to get the rest otherwise you can suffer from the second impact syndrome.

9.)-Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles is the tendon behind our ankle and is known as Achilles tendon. When this tendon is overused, it can cause pain and inflammation to occur and this is known as Achilles Tendinitis. The improper treatment can lead to a condition where running is impossible. The injury is most common in the athletes and runners. Only prevention for the injury is the stretching and strengthening of calf muscles. The best treatment possible for Achilles Tendinitis is RICE, i.e. rest, ice, compression and elevation. Playing should not be resumed until complete healing.

8.)-Groin Strain

Groin or adductor muscles are situated in the upper part of the thighs. Having a fan like structure they are used to pull the legs together. This injury generally comes in picture when we suddenly change directions  while we are running. The injury is common in sports like cricket, hockey, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and racket sports. General symptoms are swelling and sharp pain. Stretching is the best prevention. The best treatment for the groin strain is RICE.

7.)-Ankle Sprain

Generally the ankle sprain is caused due to the rolling of foot to outside and it results as the sprain to the ligaments which are on the outside of ligaments. It generally causes swelling and often turns blue and black. When there is no actual tearing of the ligament in this injury it only causes a mild sprain whereas in case of fibre tearing it is called moderate sprain. It is referred as severe  sprain only when all of the fibres tears. Here also the best treatment for the injury is RICE to limit the internal bleeding. After that several exercises are performed so that the muscles gain the power back. Balance training is must.

6.)-Shin Splints

The muscle pain near the shin bones is called Shin Splints. The general cause for the injury us jumping or running on hard surfaces. They can also occur on the overuse of the muscles. The pain arises inside the third middle of the shin bone. The arch muscle of the foot begins to pull muscle fibres loose from shin bone due to repeated stress and hence causes small bleeding areas and pain. In the bigger cases you can also face a fracture. The best treatment is to provide an arch support to foot and hence the prevention of pronation and pull of tendon.

5.)-Runner’s Knee

It is the most obvious cause of knee pain and its medical name is Chondromalacia Patella. It is caused due to misalignment of the kneecap from the groove. The kneecap generally pulls of to a side and hence rubs on a side of the groove and hence causes wear out of the cartilage on the front and the rear side of the kneecap. In case of fluid build up it also results in swelling. It can occur in any sports wherever running is required. It is treated by strengthening quadriceps muscles hooking to the kneecap. Stretching of the quadriceps muscle is also recommended along with a large dose of aspirin.

4.)-Tennis Elbow

An inflammation of forearm muscles and tendon connecting the elbow bones is called tennis elbow or golf elbow. Its general cause is overuse of muscles and its pain is felt on the lateral epicondylitis, i.e. outside of elbow. It generally occurs to the tennis and golf players. In the case of golfers the pain generally arises in the weak hand. Another kind of tennis elbow is known as medical epicondylitis which causes pain inside the elbow instead of outside. Its treatment stresses more on lessons rather than medicine. Hence proper training is provide to the players suffering from the injury.

3.)-Lower Back Strain

A lower back strain is not only common to the players but it also persists well in common man’s life. Every player have suffered this injury as its one of the most common sports injury. General causes of the injury are awkward twisting, unpractised activity and heavy weight lifting. The general cause is tear or pull in muscle fibres which are weak or tense. It causes spasm and pain in back muscles. The players most prone to it are golfers, tennis players, weightlifters, etc.. The injury goes away itself after some time if its simple but in case of spasm greater care is required. It requires a long rest with doses of aspirin and lot of icing.

2.)-Shoulder Injury

Its a well known fact in sports that 20% of the sports injuries are shoulder injuries, whether they may be dislocations or sprains or strains. Its common in all the sports which involves overhead movements, for example volleyball, tennis, baseball, swimming, weightlifting, etc.. The general cause is the shoulder overuse generally resulting in loose rotator cuff. It causes stiffness, weakness and pain in shoulder. RICE is your best bet against shoulder injuries and you can use aspirins along with it. Right amount of rest and shoulder reformation is equally praisable for rehabilitation of the shoulder from the injury.

1.)-Muscle Pull

The most common sports injury and known to everybody. It can happen to any muscle in our body and hence can provide hindrance in our output. Even after all kind of stretching and protections there are slight chances of having a muscle pull in our body. The general causes of the muscle pull are falling, fatigue and overuse. Its very hard to prevent one from muscle pull. A sudden muscle pull results in stretched fibres causing tear. If only few fibres get teared  its called muscle pull but in case of severe tearing it is referred as muscle tear. The rest and icing are the best treatment for the muscle pull. You can stretch yourself afterwards.

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