Top 10 Ideas To Be A Nice Poker Player

With the advent of technology, modernization and globalization, indoor games are becoming more and more popular. Even though, people interested in outdoor games will claim the indoor ones to be only for lazy and sluggish people, factually the games require intelligence and sharp presence of mind.

One such indoor game which has become very popular lately is Poker. Starting from night clubs to Facebook, poker is available to be played and enjoyed everywhere in every form. With the tennis great and current highest ranked player, Rafael Nadal also into Poker, it has become prominent of how much this game is insane. Therefore, in this context, here are few nice tips to become a good poker player.

10. Be Tactful

Greed is a human being’s biggest drawback and in this game one should resist that. After winning big with lower stakes, one shouldn’t make the blunder of plunging into higher stakes right after or even the next night, because you never know when will the mediocre skilled player around you become kings and you lose everything you achieved.

9. Be a Good Observer

Observing is an intelligent task to do and trait to possess. Even if one is not playing, it is cunning to notice the kind of cards the players have and how they are executing them, in order to understand their game and use it later. When one is playing then also it is needed to keep an eye on the opponents more than his/her own game.

8. Be Attentive

Initially one should see if he/she is playing the game rightly or not but as they move up and on, then the real flavor is unleashed. One can have a taste of this flavor and offer the same if he/she is attentive in what their opponents are showing or folding and accordingly continue their game.

7. Be Rational

Poker is an intelligent game, thus, one shouldn’t play it with an off mood or when having a bad day. Also if one loses one game then he/she should take some time to relax before heading onto the next game.

6. Be a non-drunkard

Drinks are irresistible while in a casino or a nightclub, however, even mere 2/3 drinks can prove to be fatal while playing poker because, the mind does get off the track and one gets prone to silly and countless defeats.

5. Bluffing is not for everybody

It is true that bluffing is a piece of poker, but there is no compulsion that one has to bluff while playing it. If there is a chance and no signal of the task getting backfired, then it is safe to bluff, else not.

4. Be a Quitter for your own sake

Sometimes folding away is right and playing a hand straight to the end is cowardice. If towards the middle of the game, one feels that there is no symbol of winning then he/she should try not to stick around anymore and just fold right away.

Nice Poker

Ideas To Be A Nice Poker Player

3. Don’t be Overconfident

Being confident is good but not overconfident. If one is a beginner then, it is highly suggested to not be greedy and overconfident and hence start and stick to lower limits only until he/she become an expert.

2. Don’t Ever Lose Focus

If one knows that, he/she is going to be beaten, it is still not right to give up and summon at the end, because if his/her information about the opponent’s condition is wrong then a golden chance will be missed and a lot of money will be wasted. Thus, staying focused till the last is very significant.

1. Do Play Poker

Playing poker means folding frequently and learning the game and for experts it means mastering it. If one’s target is in one direction i.e. winning then it’s wrong as intelligence calls for losing too.


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