Top 10 Highest Paid Basketball Players 2012

Basketball is a team sport first played in 1891, U.S Massachusetts. During time, this sport attracted a lot of fans which were able to pay good money to view a match. This sport is very spectacular because the players must have athletic abilities to pass through opponent team`s defense and score. Expansion and speed are very important so players have to train very hard usually a few hours every day. You also need a good aim if you want to shoot from the 3 points line or if you are blocked by your opponents. Basket ball players endure hard trainings and pressure from the public but they have very big salaries. The top 10 highest paid basket ball players are:

10. Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan is a very important man in basket ball but he is well rewarded for his achievements. This player has an average salary in contract of 17.1 million $. He plays for San Antonio Spurs as a power forward/ center and has 2.11 m and 116 kilograms. Entitled four times as an NBA champion Tim Duncan has a total earning of 19.1 million $, most of them from salary and the rest from endorsements that brought him 2 million $.

9. Chris Paul

Chris Paul plays as a point guard for Los Angeles Clippers. His salary values 13.2 million$ and his total earnings worth 19.2 million $. Endorsements brought him not less than 6 million $.  He was NBA Rookie of the Year 2006 and he won 2 Olympic gold medals with the US basket ball team. Chris Paul is also talented at bowling and he is a spoke person for the USBC. This high paid point guard measures 1.83 height and 79 kilograms weight.

8. Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett is the center and power forward of Boston Celtics. In 2003 Kevin Garnett was voted as an MVP and his total earnings worth 21.1 million $. He earned 17.1 million $ from his salary and 4 million $ from endorsements. This power forward has 2.11 meters and 115 kilograms.

7. Amar’e Stoudemire

Amar’e Stoudemire plays for New York Knicks as a power forward and has 2.11 meters and 118 kilograms. Amar’e earned 22.7 million $, 14.7 million $ from salary and 8$ from endorsements. Because of his skills, Amar’e was selected 6 times for the NBA All Star Game and he was the NBA Rookie Challenge MVP in the year 2004.

6. Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony plays for New York Knicks and he broke the United States men`s Olympic team`s record in 2 August 2012 when he scored 37 against Nigeria. He is 2.03 meters length and 104 kilograms weight and he was named to the All-NBA team for five times. This skilled basket ball player has a salary of 14.9 million dollars and he earned 22.9 million $ with the endorsements.

 5. Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade is the number 3 from Miami Heat. His nickname is Flash and he has 1.93 meters and 100 kilograms. In 2006 Dwayne was listed as the Sportsman of the year and he was selected as the NBA champion 2 times: in 2006 and 2012. Dwayne is a very good player and he earned from basket ball 24.7 million dollars: 12.7 million from his salary and 12 million from his endorsements. Can you imagine that endorsements brought him half of his earnings?

4. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is small forward for Oklahoma City and his long arms gave him the title of “the most versatile player in NBA”. He is also very talented at scoring from the three point line and dribbling his opponents. He has 2.06 meters and 107 kilograms but he knows how to lead the ball. Kevin earned a 13 million $ from endorsements and 12.5 million$ from his salary.

3. Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard plays for Los Angeles Lakers as a center but he can also play as a power forward. He is one of the best NBA players at blocking and rebounds and he was rated five times All Defensive member. He is 2.11 meters tall and weighs 120 kilograms. Dwight earned 14.6 million $ from his salary and 11 million $ from endorsements.

2. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is the 2nd well paid basket ball player in the world and he plays as a shooting guard for LA Lakers. When he was a team mate with Shaquile they won 3 NBA championships in a row. Besides Pau Gasol and Ron Artest, Kobe won another 2 championships in 2009 and 2010. He earned 52.3 million $, 32 $ come from endorsements and the rest from his salary. This experienced player weighs 93 kilograms and has 1.98 meters.

1.      LeBron James

LeBron James is the highest paid basket ball player which gathered 53 million $ from his salary and endorsements. Nike, Coca Cola, McDonald`s and others brought LeBron not less than 40 million$.  He is a three times NBA MVP and the small forward of Miami Heat. LeBron might not have the biggest salary from all the basket ball players but contracts with big companies brought him 3 times his salary. LeBron had a bright future since he was young: he earned the title of “Mr. Basketball of Ohio” 3 times during highschool. Since than media told LeBron he will become a big NBA star and so it is. He is nicknamed “King James” and many people dislike him even though he loves entertainment, hosted Saturday night live, appeared in many commercials and he was listed in a lot of magazines. LeBron accumulated fame since he got a big number of endorsement contracts which also brought him a lot of money.  Life of a basketball player is hard because he has to train like a monster, play like a champion and be a star for the sponsors and public. For these atlethes basket ball is their income and way of life, so they have to do everything to show their best on the field.


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