Top 10 Fastest F1 Formula Racers of the World

Formula 1 is the car racing competition in which the cars are open wheeled.  Formula 1 has always been in hype when the thing comes to racing cars. There are lots of people who love watching the series of races in this competition. F1 is the abbreviation by which this is competition named as formula 1 is represented. This type of competition includes a sequence of races. The rules of the competition which people are required to follow is popularly known as Formula.  In this competition the drivers who participate are given with the points based on their position. The most numbers of the drivers who have came around in this field is belongs to United Kingdom. Around 158 drivers were from United Kingdom in the total numbers that are there in this field. So here are the list top 10 Formula1 racing drivers of the World especially for the people who love to gain knowledge in this field.

10. Lewis Hamilton – One world title

Lewis Hamilton is the youngest world champion. He joined McLaren and at the age of 23 years, he won his first world title in 2008. McLaren experienced a lot of engineering problems in that season, but Hamilton continued his performance with four debut wins in an individual season. Hamilton also captured victories in Singapore and Hungary and become a contender for title again.

9. Nelson Piquet – Three world titles

Nelson Piquet won the first world title in 1981 after replacing a legend racer Niki Lauda. He failed to defend his title in 1982 but he again captured his crown from Alain Prost in 1983. He joined Williams in 1986. But after some problems, he quit Williams and joined McLaren. He won his third title for McLaren in 1987.

8. Niki Lauder – Three world titles

Niki Lauder won the first world title in 1975 for Ferrari. He was all set to defend his title in 1976 but he surrendered his title in Germany due to a fatal accident. But he surprized the world after returning on the track and finished fourth just 6 weeks later. The final race of 1976 was against James Hunt of McLaren but Lauda handled the title to his friend due to drastic weather. He again won his second title for Ferrari in 1977. He quit the track in 1979 but come back in 1982 from the side of McLaren. He captured his third and last title in 1984 and just after the victory, he announced to retire.

7. Jack Brabham – Three world titles

Jack Brabham won his first title in 1959 with Cooper Team. He was the main racer for Cooper Team that year. He again won his second title in 1960 with same car. He then left the track and started to design his own cars. He became the first racer to use his own designed car in 1966. He won the championship with his own car. He was the only driver in Grand Prix who use car of his own.

6. Jackie Stewart – Three world titles

He captured the crown of world champion three times in his career. He won overall 27 Grand Prix in his career. He was known as First Formula one superstar. He clinched his first formula one title in 1969. He again captured his second title in 1971 and third title in 1973.

5. Jim Clark – Two world titles

He was a successful racer from the country of Scotland. Jim Clark captured more than 20 grand prix championships in the decade of 60’s. He was known for his last lap driving which helped him in capturing a large number of tight games with a sharp finish. He was the only driver of his time  who was able to drift his car in a outstanding manner.  He won two world championship in his racing career. He clinched his first championship in 1963 and second and last championship in 1965 with his Lotus Cortina.

4. Juan Manuel Fangio – Five world titles

Juan Manuel Fangio joined all the big names i.e. Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes and Maserati. He clinched 23 out of 51 races during his career on track. He won his first championship in 1951 with Alfa Romeo, second in 1954 and third in 1955 with Ferrari, fourth in 1956 with Mercedes, and fifth and last in 1957 with Maserati.

3. Ayrton Senna – Three world titles


Aryton Senna started his F1 career with Minnows Toleman and then switch first to Renault and then to McLaren. He captured six Grand Prix victories in three consecutive years. He became partner of Alain Prost in 1988 and clinched 15 races out of 16. For the title race, he defeated Alain Prost and became the crown holder. In 1990, he again captured the title and defends it too in 1992 with McLaren. He also won Portuguese Grand Prix in 1985, Monaco Grand Prix in 1984 and European Grand Prix in 1993. He then joined Williams in 1994. But he was killed in an accident at the Imola circuit in San Marino at a young age of 34.

 2. Alain Prost -Four world titles

Alain Post joined McLaren at the very beginning of his F1 career. He recorded 51 victories in his career. He won 30 races, captured three titles in his six seasons with McLaren. After quitting McLaren fir the first time, he joined Renault but just after a short journey with Renault, he again joined McLaren. He joined Ferrari after quitting McLaren for second time.Despite of controversies in his career, he won four championships. He won his first three titles in 1985, 1986 and 1989 respectively. Then he joined Williams and captured his fourth and last world title in 1993.

1. Michael Schumacher – Seven world titles

Michael Schumacher is the most famous F1 racer. He won more than 90 races in his career. He became the most successful racer by winning seven championships.AN astonishing 91 career victories mark the German out as the sports undisputed best-ever competitor. Michael joined Benetton and won two consecutive titles in 1994 and 1995. Then he quit Benetton and joined Ferrari. He was disqualified from Italian championship just after joined Ferrari. In 1999, he faced a severe accident after his brakes failed at British Grand Prix. But after 1999, he won five titles back to back in five consecutive years. He clinched the title in 2000 from Hakkinen. He surprised the whole world by captured his fifth title in 2002 and equalled the record of Fangio. He won 15 races in that season out of 17 races. He created history after winning his sixth title in 2003.  He captured his seventh and last title in 2004 after winning first 12 races out of 13. He finally retired from Formula One racing in 2006. He announced his comeback just after his retirement as a stand in from Ferrari but he could not make it due to a fatal motorbike accident.



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