Top 10 Best Soccer Goals Of All Time

Soccer is the biggest and most popular sport in the whole wide world. Everyone is aware of it. This sport has also given us terrific and extremely talented legends like Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The league tournaments played all across the world are more popular than any other sport. These leagues have over the years produced many young talents who later gave milestone performances both as a club player and a national team player.

With so many overwhelmingly talented soccer stars present today and in the past too, it is hard to choose the best goals that they have produced in their career. However, some have gotten deeply engraved in everyone’s minds from the moment the players offered it. Here is the list of such amazing goals of all time.

10. Roberto Carlos for Brazil

A fantastic goal from this little legend against France kept the world awe-struck. He disguised the goal by shooting the ball in a way that appeared to be going away from the net but it got netted at the nick of the time.

9. Rivaldo for Barcelona

Yet another Brazilian soccer legend that helped the best club team in the world clinch a UEFA Champions League spot by scoring an awesome back heel goal. This gave the Catalans a win over Spanish rival Valencia.

8. Frank Lampard for Chelsea

His fast pace and clever passing have always been praised. His mind-blowing goal against the Catalans in the Champions League event where he did all the deeds of managing the pass, covering the ball, defending it from the defender and even scored the goal is still cherished by billions of football fans.

7. Maxi Rodriguez for Argentina

This insane goal from ‘Max’ (as he is known to everyone) was both entertaining and beneficial for the Argentines in the 2006 World Cup as it gave them a quarter final spot. He received a brave cross by his chest and executed a fabulous goal staying out of the penalty box.

6. David Villa for Spain

This former Catalan striker was almost responsible for helping Spain lift their maiden World Cup trophy. He scored in every match till the semifinals and one of his best goals was against Honduras when he pulled off a classic by netting the ball being 45 yards away.

5. Lionel Messi for Brazil

In this highly anticipated match, Lionel Messi was undoubtedly the star. He handled the ball with marvelous foot-work from the mid-field and fought five Brazilian opponents to finish with a perfect goal.

4. Lionel Messi for Barcelona

He is undoubtedly the best footballer right now in the world and he keeps on proving that on every occasion. One such was in La Liga against Deportiva when the sensational Argentine controlled the ball right from the mid-field and handled four opponents to produce a wonderful goal with fans and commentators screaming shouts of happiness and wonder, respectively.


Best Soccer Goals Of All Time

3. Lionel Messi for Barcelona

Yet another stunner by a stunning footballer was seen by the globe in La Liga against Atletico Madrid. The Argentine took a simple free kick and the ball just curved in and got netted. The goalkeeper and the other Atletico players stood there helpless and shocked.

2. Ronaldinho for Barcelona

During the Catalans’ La Liga match in November 2006 a simple cross from Xavi Hernandez, the world saw an awesome back heel goal from Ronaldinho which left everyone shocked.

1. Wayne Rooney for Manchester United

This remains in many people’s eyes, the best goal ever. This famous bicycle shot from Rooney, not only gave Manchester United a win over Manchester City but also flourished him as a master. He received the cross from Nani instantly and without even waiting to settle with the ball, simply kicked it off with his million-dollar worth right leg to pull off an epic.

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